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4th edition of this big mountain race up the legendary Mt Apo on Mindanao Island in southern Philippines. Thanks to Vertical 2 Sky, event organiser, runners in this race will have exclusive access on Apo this year, as the mountain is currently closed for tourism.

Event website

Check the official website and read the fine print for the race regulations and conditions of entry

International gateway

If possible, fly direct to Davao via Singapore. Direct international connections from Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong may also appear soon in the air schedule. Alternatively, fly to Davao via Cebu or Manila.

From Davao, it’s a short drive to Santa Cruz, location of the famous San Miguel beer brewery.

There’s guesthouses near the race venue where you can spend the night.

Technical details

Course description

  • 100% Technicalities (for 100km only)

  • *Forest, boulders, river trekking, open trail, dirt roads

  • *6km pavement road (1km @ every proper Barangay & Sitio)

  • *25km+ out & back for 50km category

  • *50km+ out & back for 100km category

  • *River crossing (2x) for both category

  • *Boulder route (2km+) & river trek (100m) for 100km category only

  • *2 mountain assault for 50km and the rest is for 100km category

  • *Normal Temperature is hot (open trail) and very cold @ the forest & summit


  • At least a 42km finisher, mountain trail race and not a whiner. Must be 18 years of age, if not, must provide parent consent and must have current Medical Certificate (2019 issue)

  • CUT: 35 hours at the finish. 11 hours at CP1.

  • Mandatory gear 100K

    • 1. Hydration Pack – at least 1.5 liters

    • 2. Headlamp – with extra battery

    • 3. Whistle – remember the drill

    • 4. Jacket – water proof/thermal

    • 5. Gloves – use in mountaineering/trailrunning not in the ER

    • 6. Headwear – anything that covers your head, protects you from cold

    • 7. Trail Food – with ziplock and can last from AS to AS

    • 8. Cellphone – with load and fully charge battery (coverage up to Camp 2 only for 100k)

    • 9. MedKit – for LBM, stomach-ache, headache, etc.

    • 10. Extra Money - for emergency transpo & snacks @ the local store

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