2019 ATM points system amendments

The points system for the 2019 ATM season will mirror the one of 2018. There won’t be significant changes to the points tables, and bonus points will still be awarded for finishers of SuperTrails and 100 miles distances, as well as for those who travel abroad at least once in three races.


As every year we have been evaluating our points attribution system for the Asia Trail Master Championship. Without changing too much and always sticking to the principle of "easy to calculate, easy to follow" , the 2019 system sees no big changes compared to 2018. Winners will continue to score 500 championship points, plus bonus points in a few events.

Important is to always check our website or communications to ensure which race of an event offers how many points. Usually the longest distance race is the A-race, but sometimes the second longest distance is also marked as an A-race (e.g. Penang Eco in Malaysia or Ultra Trail Chiang Rai in Thailand).

One misconception some runners seem to have is that you must do long ultras to become champion. Not true: you can select five medium distance A-races and get just as many points as for a long ultra.

While the 'five-best-count' rule remains for the final classification at the end of the season, it should be noted that we require one of those five races to be a SuperTrail in 2019. If no SuperTrail is among the races run by an individual, his or her points total will be reduced by 250 points. This amendment is being introduced to avoid a situation whereby a runner collects high doses of points in some of the more remote or less competitive races on our calendar. 

There are six SuperTrail races confirmed for 2019: The 9 Dragons (Hong Kong), Cordillera Mountain Ultra (Philippines), Dalat Ultra Trail (Vietnam), Penang Eco (Malaysia), Mantra Summits Challenge (Indonesia) and Ultra Trail Chiang Rai (Thailand).

2019 ATM Championship Points System - The key facts

  • The best 5 results in terms of points count for the final classification after the last race in December

  • Standard races: 500 championship points for winners:

    • 100 finisher points + 400 performance points

  • Performance points for winners:

    • A races: 400

    • B races of 100K: 400

    • B races of 70K or C-races of 70K: 300

    • B races of < 70K: 200

    • Exceptions to this rule possible in selected cases

  • Bonus finisher points:

    • SuperTrail bonus: 50

    • 100 Miles bonus: 50

    • Abroad bonus: 50 (when 1 of minimum 3 races outside of resident country)

  • SuperTrail requirement

    • One of the - minimum - five races that count for the final classification must be a SuperTrail for the runner to keep all his or her points. If the runner did not compete in a SuperTrail, his or her points total will be reduced by 250 points after the last SuperTrail race of the year has taken place.

  • ATM Championship Final

    • At the last points race of the season, the so-called ‘Final’, only runners who have scored points in minimum two ATM races during the year will be eligible for more points. This measure is to ensure a fair battle between the championship contenders.

Details and performance points table

General rule: The points system is designed to be easily understood on purpose. Runners score points in each Asia Trail Master series race that they finish, as long as the race distance qualifies for Asia Trail Master points. Runners score two kinds of points:

  1. Finisher points: each runner who finishes a race scores finisher points according to the race’s category (see below).

  2. Performance points: each runner will score additional performance points according to his ranking in the official result of the race and according to a fixed table (see the table below)

a) finisher points


Finisher points table.001.jpeg
  • SuperTrail refers to selected races, which offer 50 bonus points for finishers on the two longest race distances of the event. Standard refers to all other races.

  • Finishing any 100 Miles race distance also provides a runner with 50 bonus points

  • B distance refers to the second longest distance of a standard or SuperTrail event.

  • C distance refers to the third longest distance of a standard or SuperTrail event

b) performance points

Performance points.png

Additional notes

When there is more than 1 race distance at the same event

  • If an event offers two, three or more race distances, points will be given to finishers on the longest A-distance, and often - but not always - also on the shorter B and C-distances of the same event, according to the points distribution table above. Please check for each event if this applies for the races in question.

Multiple-day stage trail races

  • Performance points will be awarded according to the final overall classification, not per stage. This is important for The 9 Dragons Ultra in Hong Kong, for instance.

Race attendance 

  • If the start list of an event contains less than 100 names overall, maximum performance points will be limited to 300 for the winner (see last column in the table above).

Joint finishers

  • An important distinction will be made as of the second quarter (i.e. as of Sungai Menyala on 8 April 2019): If runners cross the finish line together hand-in-hand, their ranking relative to each other at the last timing checkpoint before the race finish will be consulted to determine who scores the most performance points. We also like camaraderie and people enjoying successes together, yet ATM is a sporting competition and we must avoid a situation whereby late in the season a joint finish of two or more runners could be done on purpose for tactical reasons.

Final ATM Championship Ranking at the end of the year

  • Five-best-count system: only the best 5 point-results of each runner obtained during the calendar year will be taken into account for the final ATM Championship Ranking. This means if a runner has done six races, his worst points result will not be taken into account

  • SuperTrail Requirement: to avoid fast runners collecting high doses of points in very remote or less competitive races, we introduce the SuperTrail requirement, which says that 1 of the - minimum - five races that count for the final classification must be a SuperTrail for the runner to keep all his or her points. If the runner did not compete in a SuperTrail, his or her points total will be reduced by 250 points after the last SuperTrail race of the year has taken place.

  • In the last points race of the ATM season, only runners who scored points in at least 2 races during the year will be eligible for points in that final race. This is to ensure a fair battle between the ATM championship contenders

Abroad Bonus

  • Runners who score points in 3 ATM races get a 50-point bonus if 1 of the 3 races took place outside the runner’s country of residence at the time of the race

Joint points total in final Championship Ranking

  • If two or more runners have the same points total at the end of the year: preference goes to the runner who won the most recent direct confrontation between the relevant runners. If this does not separate the relevant runners (for example in case there was an official joint finish), we check what their highest points score in 1 single race was. If this still does not separate them, the advantage goes to the runner who accumulated most total points during the year (e.g. a runner who scored points in seven races against a runner who only scored points in five races).

The Championship Ranking can be filtered by gender and by nationality

The Asia Trail Master ranking will be updated immediately after each race, and published on the ATMs website via http://m.racetimingsolutions.com/rankings , followed by a press release.

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