2019 Asia Trail Master Candidate Races

The following events below have been granted Asia Trail Master Candidate Race label for the upcoming season 2019. This means the events are in pole position to become an ATM points race, if a slot opens up in the country in question. 

Event organisers can always apply for Asia Trail Master membership and enjoy all the promotional and marketing benefits this entails. Please contact us on info@asiatrailmaster.com for further details. 


Mongolian International Steppe Marathon - Bogd Khan 50k

19 August 2018, Shavart - Zaisan Memorial Ulanbaataar

1st edition of this 50k hilly grassland trail in the mountainous outskirts of capital city Ulanbaataar. With outdoor and endurance sport expert Carole Fuchs as race director and a Japanese production, the event has high ambitions to become a summer classic on the Asia trail scene. The longest distance this year is 50 km.

More details via the facebook page of the event.


Nerang 200 (AUS)

Nerang 200 Miler

27-30 September 2018, Nerang Cycling Velodrome, Queensland

The Asia Trail Master series venture beyond the politically established boundaries of the continent for the first time for the Nerang 200 in Queensland, Australia. A very special type of trail event for ATM, also because it will be run on 25k loops and has 200 miles as the longest race distance! Several shorter distances are of course also on the programme. Nerang 200 has established itself on the Ozzie trail calendar as a tough challenge but also as a great party event with camping, bbq and music.

More details available on the event website and facebook page:

https://www.nerang200miler.com and https://www.facebook.com/Nerang200miler/

Mount talinis mountain marathon (PHI)

Mt Talinis Mountain Marathon

6-7 October 2018, Valencia Public Plaza, Negros Oriental, Philippines

1st edition by an experienced team of runners and organisers in the Visayas in Philippines. The first time ATM ventures outside of Luzon and Mindanao. This year it's a 50 km race (CUT 18 hours) that starts at 11 pm. For 2019, a Grandmaster Quest distance is envisaged of 70 km. The ascent of Mount Talinis is of course the highlight of the race with its peak at 1900m above sea level.

More details via the facebook page of the event, and the video preview below


Malaysia MOUNTAIN Trail Festival (MAS)

Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival

30 November - 2 December, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

The 1st edition of this highly anticipated new event take runners through 15/ 30/ 70KM of pristine trails around Taiping with elevation gain of 1000m, 2000m and 4000m (+)(-) respectively. The race will give each and every runner a chance of a lifetime to experience up to 6 different trails going up and down the iconic Maxwell Hill (5 of which are not normally open to the public on any given day). The 15KM race is to cater for the beginners. The 30KM race will replicate “THE BALL BREAKER RUN” which needs no introduction to hashers from around the globe.

The 70KM race will be an ultra trail race taking runners through 6 different routes going up and down Maxwell Hill. The 70 km is of course the race in the focus of Asia Trail Master.

More info on:




2018 ATM Candidate Races

shinjo hurizen super trail


Shinjo Hurizen Super Trail

1 October 2017, Shinjo, Okoyama Prefecture, Japan

A second 2018 Candidate Race in Japan, but this one takes place on a different island, namely in Okoyama between Osaka/Kyoto and Hiroshima. The 73 km main race has 3200 metres of elevation gain and runs through cedar and cherry tree forests and mountains. The COT is 15 hours.

Less ambitious runners can also opt for the 25 km.

To get there, you can take the Shinkansen from any main city to Okoyama. Fly into Osaka or Hiroshima is the closest, but given that the race is on Sunday, you might as well fly into Tokyo first.

More info on:


HAKUBA international trails

Hakuba International Trails

10 September 2017, Hakuba Village, Nagano, Japan

A young but fast rising trail race in the former olympic winter games area of Nagano. The 53 km race ha 2780 m of elevation gain and crosses some popular tourist attractions as well, such as Matsu-river, Iwatake, Kusu-river, Ochikura-shiojima-river, shio no michi, the rope bridge in Oide area, Kikori no Michi, and Oo nara-river.

The event has 3 race categories:

53km, 2780 hm, COT 10 hours
35km, 1760 hm, COT 7 hours
20km, 1020 hm, COT 6 hours

To get there, make your way to Nagano railway station

More info on:


bandung ultra 100


Bandung Ultra 100

16-17 September 2017, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Bandung 100 K is a race with magnificent views in the northern mountains around the city of Bandung. The event is organised by the renowned team of Bandung Explorer, which features some of the country's best trail runners such as Arief Wismoyono and Ruth Theresia.

The event has three race categories;

100 K with elevation gain 6.360 m, COT 32 hours.
50 K with elevation gain 2.680 m, COT 15 hours and
Ekiden, a relay team of 4 take 25 K each person with COT 8 hours

Start: Tahura
Finish: Villa Istina Bunga

Registration via: https://bdg100.id/registration/

BNI Plataran X-Trail

BNI Plataran X Trail

22 July 2017, Plataran L'Harmonie, West Bali N.P., Indonesia

A genuine trail run with a mixture of forest paths, beach and rainforest single trail. There will be almost no tarmac road or concrete in the race course. Elevation gain in West Bali NP is limited, but there are a few hills to be negotiated nonetheless to add some spice and to offer some breathtaking views of the coastal area. Brief, this is a very runable course in a very beautiful setting that will appeal to trail lovers of all levels. Lots of cultural performances and add-ons are planned, and along with a generous COT to allow everyone to finish, BNI Plataran X Trail is set to be a trail running festivity.

The event has 3 race categories:

50 K , COT 11 hours
25 K, COT 10 hours
7.1K fun run

Registration is open via: http://plataranxtrail.com/online-registration/

mantra summits challenge

Mantra Summits Challenge

29 July 2017, Kaliandra Resort, Prigen, East Java, Indonesia

An ultra trail running along 4 summits of Mount Welirang, Mount Arjuna, Mount Kembar 1 &2. Adventurous, beautiful yet also very challenging. A combination of mountain trail running with nature conservation.

The event has 3 race categories:

50 K with 4500 hm elevation gain, COT 17 hours
30 K with 2100 hm elevation gain, COT 12 hours
15 K with 900 hm elevation gain, COT 4 hours

Please note that Mt Welirang and Mt Arjuna have summits well over 3000m above sea level.

Registration via https://mantrasc.com/

These were candidate races in 2017


Date: 5 June 2016

Distances:  52 km / 3600 hm





philippines - MINDANAO

Mt Hamiguitan Trail Race

Date: 25 June 2016

Distances: 50 km / 25 km

More info and registration



Date: 15-17 July 2016

Race distances: 100km / 50km / 28 km

Official event website

indonesia - java 

Tahura Trail Running 

Date: 17 January 2016 

Distances: 42 km / 21 km / 17 km

More info and registration



Philippines - Luzon

Rizal Mountain Run

Date: 28 February 2016

Distances: 50km, 30km, 15 km

Info and race registration : http://rizalmountainrun.com/