The Grandmaster Quest 

  • Finish 6 races in 2 years of minimum 70 km or 4500 Hm

  • Receive a place in the Hall of Fame

  • Obtain a specially designed Asia Trail Grandmaster Shield and more benefits

  • Earn more stars on your Grandmaster Shield as you continue to run the trails of Asia

Become an Asia Trail Grandmaster

In addition to the annual points system and ranking, runners of all levels will also be rewarded for their perseverance. Every runner who completes the long distance (at least 70km) of 6 Asia Trail Master races within two years will be honoured as an Asia Trail Grandmaster in the Hall of Fame, and receive a trophy and honourary shield or badge that can be knit on one’s sports uniform as a token of achievement. The two-year-time limitation starts as soon as a runner has finished his first 70km+ race and ends two years later the day before that race (= doing the same race 3 times is not accepted).  

The Grandmaster shield will display one or more stars depending on the level of achievement accomplished:

  • Grandmaster shield with 1 star = 6 ATM long distance (+70km) race finishes within 2 calendar years.

As soon as a runner has achieved Grandmaster status as described above, he/she can earn more stars on his/her badge.

  • 2 stars: 10 career ATMs long distance race finishes

  • 3 stars: 15 career ATMs long distance race finishes

  • 4 stars: 20 career ATMs long distance race finishes

Note: the 2-calendar-year condition is only in place to secure Grandmaster status. Afterwards, the runner in question can take as many years as he wants to complete his next four races (6+4 = 10 career finishes) and obtain a badge featuring 2 stars. 
Note 2: finishers of stage races will also get 1 point for their Grandmaster Quest
Note 3: A race of less than 70 km can still be valid for the Grandmaster Quest if the total elevation gain exceeds 4500 hm
Note 4: A specific race will only count maximum twice for points. For example, running Ijen Trailrunning four times and four years in a row will only grant you 2 points. 

The Asia Trail Grandmasters (continuously updated)