As of 2019, Uglow is the new official sponsor of the Grandmaster Quest in the Asia Trail Master Championship series. The brand has seen an explosion in growth in 2018 and in several Asian countries has become one of the trendiest for runners. Combining exquisite functionality - stitch free and lightweight - with fashionable design, Uglow is pushing the boundaries of the sports apparel market!

Uglow is a French brand that develops authentic running products in its production facilities since 2011. All of our expertise aims to bring a new sense of comfort and practicality to our customers. Our high-quality fabrics and state of the art assembly methods, allow for spectacular flexibility and durability. We have succeeded in channeling technologic-breakthroughs such as STITCH-FREE products using THERMO-bonding, ULTRASONIC bonding as well as Magnetic zipless pockets. ChaffingFREE, lightweight, and increased comfort are our core specialties and make-up the DNA of Uglow. Magnetize™, rids users from the conventional zippers by providing them with a new level of agility and ergonomy. It allows faster and safer gestures to open or close pockets or collars when running. We are proud to share that top athletes across the world currently wear Uglow. « MADE BY RUNNERS FOR RUNNERS »

For those who also like to engage themselves in other sports, Uglow also has a cycling line of products.

And, significantly, also an after-sports or lifestyle line! Rather unique indeed. Check it out on the website or the below brochure and not only look great during the race, but Uglow cool also at the after party!

2019 Collection Brochure