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The Ultimate Race (France) - Kenya Wildlife Marathon (Kenya) 


26/27 May 2017 - Aix-en-Provence to Marseille (FRA) 
130 km - 64 km

With a route established for the first time as a walking trail crossing the Great Site of Sainte-Victoire, Regional Natural Park of Saint-Baume and National Park of Calanques, this Ultra will be a unique course.

The ULTIMATE RACE will take place on May 26th 2017. 

An ultra-endurance race, starting in Aix-en-Provence, across 3 legendary natural ridges (Great site of Sainte-Victoire, Regional Natural Park of Sainte-Baume and the National Park of Calanques), consisting of a long and technical course, 131 KM (80 miles) with a 6,150 metre D+ climb, finishing in Marseille. The ULTIMATE RACE® will also include a 64km (40 miles) course, the HALF ULTIMATE RACE®,  in order to maximise the number of participants in this great celebration. The course for the « HALF » ULTIMATE RACE 40 Miles covers a 64 KM distance from Aix-en-Provence to the finish line at the hostel in Sainte-Baume.

The event is set up as an international celebration of trail running. The Central American Tarahumaras (the stars of the book "Born to Run") will even be present for this beautiful and unique challenge! 

Read the official press kit (PDF) to find out all details, or go to the official event website.

We at Asia Trail Master and Kuai Sports Promotions are assisting any Asian runners who wish to attend this event. Just drop us an email at info@asiatrailmaster.com for any questions you may have. 




7 October 2017 - Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Kenya