We build forests and help sustain communities.

The Cordillera region of the Philippines is acknowledged as one of Northern Luzon’s major watersheds. The headwaters of many of Luzon’s major river systems originate in these mountains and serve as irrigation for the plains that surround the Cordillera Mountain range. Taken together they have a total drainage area of 5,447,500 hectares, supplying most of the irrigation needs of Northern Luzon. These facts alone underscore the importance of the Cordillera mountain region in providing ecosystem services to a large portion of Northern Luzon.Yet this is only a small fraction of the importance of the Cordillera Mountain Ecosystem, other factors such as biodiversity, energy production; mineral production as well as ecological maintenance functions such as; stream flow, nutrient cycling, soil stability, habitat, are among the other factors which make this region unique.

The Cordillera Conservation Trust seeks to provide relevant practical and sustainable solutions to environmental problems arising in the Cordillera region that undermine the continued ecological services that the mountain region provides for its people. Working in partnership with the different local communities we develop practical and appropriate solutions to the environmental problems now confronting the Cordillera Region.

We believe that we can develop solutions from local community ideas and knowledge as well as integrate modern sustainable development strategies to promote development in the region that is in line with its unique ecological and cultural characteristics.

More about the Cordillera Conservation Trust and its mission and projects can be read on their great website

Via Asia Trail Master you can contribute to the CCT cause. You can donate when you sign up for the Cordillera Mountain Marathon, or simply by ordering a pack of the delicious local coffee on their website!