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A colourful event in Japan's countryside of Niigata, Northwest of Tokyo, organised by well-known elite runner Hiroaki Matsunaga. Echigo Country Trail receives full support from the local communities around Oguni Forest Park and Nagaoka City. All participants are invited to take part in the welcoming party on Saturday afternoon, and enjoy dinner with local delicacies, music and dance. It is also possible to stay overnight in traditional Japanese homestays. 

The main race is 53 km in length and generally quite runable, but some of the climbs are really steep, too. Pacing is of the essence. Total elevation of 2200 hm is not nothing for 53 km.

Event website

Check the official event webite for details and fine print

International gateway

Fly into Tokyo is probably what most runners from abroad will do. From Tokyo, you can take a convenient 2,5 hour shinkansen train to Nagaoka, where you could also stay in a hotel. However, many international runners prefer to spend the night at one of the hospitable local guesthouses nearby the Echigo park.

There is also a small Niigata airport near Nagaoka, but international connections are limited unless you are in South Korea.

Running back in time

Event timetable


12:00 A shuttle bus leaves Nagaoka station

  → Arrive OGUNI FOREST PARK @13:00

13:00 Check-in for 53km at OGUNI FOREST PARK(~15:00)

*There will be local food vendors,

local cultural events and more at the check-inlocation.

15:30 Opening ceremony at OGUNI HALL

16:00 Welcome party at OGUNI HALL

18:00 A shuttle bus leaves leave OGUNI HALL

    to Nagaoka station @19:00


4:00 A shuttle bus leaves Nagaoka station

→ Arrive OGUNI FOREST PARK @ 5:00

5:00 On the race day check in for 56km till 5:20

6:00 53km race starts

9:00 15km & 2.5km check in until 10:30

10:00 Mini lecture for beginner till 10:30

10:30 Opening Ceremony for 15 km & 2.5 km

11:10 15km race starts

11:15 2.5km (Over 13 years old) race starts

11:20 2.5km (3-12 years old) race starts

13:40 15km&2.5km Award ceremony and raffle drawings

15:20 53km Award ceremony and raffle drawings

16:00 Cut off time for 53 km race (10 hrs)

17:00 A shuttle bus leaves OGUNI FOREST PARK

→ Arrive at Nagaoka station 18:00

* A shuttle bus will be available between

Nagaoka station and OGUNI FOREST PARK

(1500 yen for round trip)

Check-in, Start & Finish at OGUNI FOREST PARK
(208 Kami-iwata, Oguni, Ngaoka, NIIGATA, Japan)  
    *Parking space is limited at OGUNI FOREST PARK.
     Please use public transportation.
    *Shuttle buses will be available between
     Nagaoka station and OGUNI FOREST PARK.
     (1500 yen, round trip)

Opening Ceremony for 56km & Welcome Party at OGUNI HALL
〒949-5215 OGUNI HALL
(176-1 Oguni-shin-machi,Oguni, Nagaoka, NIIGATA, Japan)


Oguni: Oguni Sightseeing Association +81-(0)258-95-5505

Ojiya: Hotel New Plaza +81-(0)258-82-1185, or Business Hotel Ojiya Park +81-(0)258-82-0089

Nagaoka: see . There will be shuttle busses to the Oguni Nature Park on Saturday and Sunday from Nagaoka. See the timetable below. 

How to get there

Tokyo is the international gateway by air. From Tokyo, you can take a railway connection to Nagaoka Station. At Nagaoka, the organisation offers a shuttle bus to the race venue at the following times:

  • Saturday, 15 June at 12:00 (noon): Nagaoka to Oguni Hall (1 hour busride)

  • Saturday, 16 June at 19:00 (evening): Oguni Hall back to Nagaoka

  • Sunday, 16 June at 04:00 (morning): Nagaoka to Oguni Hall

  • Sunday. 16 June at 17:00 (afternoon): Oguni Hall to Nagaoka


Map & race course

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