Date: 30 November - 2 December 2018
Country: Hong Kong
Race venue: Tai Mei Tuk, New Territories
Edition: 6
Event organiser: XTE
Race distance: 168 km / 86 km ( 55 km and 33 km also available)
Elevation gain: 12 000 Hm (168 km) / 6000 hm (86 km)
Race starting time: 18:00 (30 November, 100 miles); 10:00a.m. (2 december, 84 km) 
Cut-off time: 46 hours (100 miles) 
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100 (168km) / 86 (86km)
Max performance points: 400 (168 km); 300 (86 km)
100 Mile Bonus: 50
Event website: Link
Event registration: Open
International gateway: Hong Kong
2017 Male Champion: Tom Robertshaw (GBR)
2017 Female Champion: Habiba Benahmed (FRA)


HK 168 is in the mean time also a traditional ultra event in Hong Kong's New Territories. This one is centred around Tai Mei Tuk and has matured significantly in the past few years. The organiser, XTE,  is active in several countries, but HK 168 is the biggest event on their programme. 

technical details

This is typical Hong Kong, including the famous steps. There is a thorough description, including downloadle GPS files available on the event website.



The course starts in the Northeastern part  of Hong Kong (and to be more precise, north eastern part of the New Territories).  It is in the countryside of Hong Kong and does not really have hotels close by.  The nearest places with hotels for tourist are in Shatin district.  There are some hotels in Tsuen Wan and Shatin. Further information can be found through the links:

For the travel information on the MTR, please click tot he link: www.mtr.com.hk

It is also possible to stay on HK Island or Kowloon side. Please visit the website - http://www.hong-kong-hotels.ws for more information about the hotels in Hong Kong.

The finish point of the race is near Tsuen Wan area and takes 15 minutes by taxi to the Tsuen Wan MTR station.

Access to Checkpoints

Supporters may want to reach the checkpoints.  Some are accessible by road, others can only normally be reached on foot. Please visit “Route” for the details of the checkpoints:


hk 168 (2018) full 168 course map.png