plataran x trail bali (INA)


tale of the trail 

Date: 6 October 2018
Country: Indonesia
Race venue: Plataran Menjangan Resort
Edition: 2
Event organiser: Plataran Bali Menjangan
Race Director: Kris Van de Velde
Race distances:  70 km (30km and 7.2k also available)
Elevation gain: 1000 hm
Highest point: TBC
Start time: 4:30 a.m. (TBC)
Cut-off time: 11h30
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100
Max performance points winner: 400 
Grandmaster Quest: Yes (70 km)
Event website: Link
Event registration: Open
International gateway: Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar
Nearest domestic airport: Denpasar, Bali / Banyuwangi, East Java


After a successful inaugural edition as ATM Candidate Race in July 2017, the Plataran X Trail in Bali becomes a proper points race in the Asia Trail Master Championship series. The event has been moved back to 6 October and will keep the fantastic Plataran Hotel and Resort as the race venue. Moreover, taking place one weekend after Ijen Trailrunning in close-by East Java, international runners can come and spend a week in this wonderful part of Indonesia. A special Wolf the Trail package including both events will be announced in due course.

The long distance race of Plataran X Trail Bali measures 70 km and 1000 metres of elevation gain. Of course, given the nature of the West Bali region, the course is quite runnable, even though the first part will contain more hills than last year. For sure it is no walk in the park, and rising temperatures during the day will be an extra obstacle.

race map

Plataran Bali Xtrail 70K new new.jpg



compressport utn 100 (THA)

tale of the trail

Date: 20/21 October 2018
Country: Thailand
Race venue: Amphoe Pau, Nan, Thailand
Edition: 2
Event organiser: Run Around Thailand
Race distances: 109 km
Elevation gain: approx. 6000 hm
Highest elevation: TBC
Start time: 6.00 a.m. 
Cut-off times: 32 hours
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100
Max performance points: 400
Grandmaster Quest: Yes
Event website: Link
Event registration:  Open
International gateway: Nan Nakhon Airport (NNT)
2017 Male champion: Sanya Khancai (THA)
2017 Female champion: Phichanan Mahachot (THA)


Second edition of a scenic 100k race in Northeastern Thailand, supported by our partner COMPRESSPORT. The 100K race goes in and around the Doi Phu Kha Park and is tough with approx. 6000 metres of elevation gain and a cut-off time of 32 hours. For the less ambitious, there is also a 50K race. 

UTN 100.jpg

VIDEO trailer

UTN 2018 poster.jpg

MAPS 2017


Qoolmart new 2018 logo.png
Qoolmart new 2018 logo.png


We are proud to announce COMPRESSPORT® as the official compression partner of the Asia Trail Master series starting now in 2017.  In only eight years since 2008, the Swiss brand has become a household name in sports communities all over the world. COMPRESSPORT®'s tag line says it all: “it’s all about Passion”. Precisely why it is such a good match with Asia Trail Master.

"We are very pleased to announce the partnership with the Asia Trail Master series," says Vishnu Metharam, General Manager of COMPRESSPORT® Asia. "We also thank you for your confidence with COMPRESSPORT®. We are present at the best races in the world and ASIA is the continent with the greatest growth rate in terms of participants. We want to be there to help everyone race: wherever you race we support you !"
At COMPRESSPORT®, everything is about passion. Passion in training, Passion for extreme races, Passion to push the limits. Its Passion goes along with a deep respect for YOU, professional athletes that lead the way in performance, and age group athletes who are out there every day juggling between family & work commitments and their passion for sport. And of course, there’s the Passion for the quest to develop the perfect product…Always looking for more improvement, more preciseness, more exclusivity.
COMPRESSPORT®was launched and is still headquartered today in Switzerland, and has its main Asia-Pacific office in Singapore.  Coming from a medical research background and being specialists in sports compression, the brand has always combined the most advanced new technologies with latest trends. Innovation and surprise for the athletes is what made COMPRESSPORT® so valued and loved by professional and amateur athletes alike. The company staff make it their business to respond to the problems that athletes face on a daily basis. Whether to improve performance, enhance recovery or to help them travel in the best possible conditions. COMPRESSPORT® contributes to  the overall well-being of athletes in everyday life. All products use fabrics and yarns that meet the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100: Independent controls on harmful textile substances to make sure the products do not pose any health risk.
Trail runners on the Asia Trail Master circuit will now get fully exposed to the benefits of compression apparel by COMPRESSPORT® . In particular, runners who are aiming for the Grandmaster Quest.
The Grandmaster Quest, geared by COMPRESSPORT®
To become an Asia Trail Grandmaster, runners need to accomplish six races of minimum 70 km or 4500 hm within 24 months. A remarkable achievement that will be fully acknowledged and celebrated by COMPRESSPORT®. All current and new Grandmasters will receive a COMPRESSPORT® trail gear set consisting of up to fifteen items. That is not all: Grandmasters will be the protagonist of an official COMPRESSPORT® professional photo shoot! A reward for your Passion of trail running.

In addition, the top ten of the 2017 Asia Trail Master championship will be receiving COMPRESSPORT® prizes, as wel as the 2017 National Trail Masters and podium placers at Asia Trail Master points races. Runners will be able to get to know COMPRESSPORT®'s wide range of products at several events during the Asia Trail Master season as well. 

Find out all details about COMPRESSPORT® via their comprehensive website. In due course, custom-made Asia Trail Master compression products will also be made available for purchase. 

Compress Logo New (Black).png

gone running



Beach Bunch's Trail Challenge

tale of the trail

Date: 24/25 March 2018
Country: Brunei
Race venue: Jerudong Park
Edition: 4
Event organiser: Beach Bunch
Race Director: Rizan Latif
Race distance: 100 km / 50 km (30 km also available)
Elevation gain: 1800 hm (100km); 570 hm (50km)
Start time: 0:00 (100km); 6:00 (50km)
Cut-off time: 24 hours (100km) ; 12 hours (50km)
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100 (100k); 50 (50k)
Max performance points: 400 (both 100k and 50k)
Grandmaster Quest: Yes (100k)
Race entry requirements: See website section
Event website: Link 
Event registration: CLOSED
International gateway: Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei Int. Airport)
2017 Male Champion: Sefli Ahar (BRU)
2017 Female Champion: Ruth Theresia (INA)


The 4th edition has been moved back on the calendar by one month, but otherwise the classic recipee remains. This is a 100k ultra that caters for the fast runners, or road runners wanting to get a little taste of trail. Nevertheless, BBTC is never to be underestimated and the "challenge" in the event title is there for a good reason. Alongside the 100 km, there will also be a 50 km and a 30 km for beginning runners. The 100 and 50 will be significant for Asia Trail Master championship points. 



2016 Event Promo Video








Brunei lies on Borneo island and has its own international airport and airline, Royal Brunei Airlines. From South East Asia, it is fairly easy to fly into the country. 


2018 coming soon


the trail blazer by compressport (SIN)

KOTT logo.png

tale of the trail

Date: 25 November 2018
Country: Singapore
Race venue: Dairy Farm Road
Edition: 1
Event organiser: Pink Apple
Race distances: 25 km
Elevation gain: 458 hm
Highest point: TBC
Start time: 7 a.m.
Cut-off time: 10 a.m. (3 hours)
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100
Max performance points winner: 400 
Grandmaster Quest: No
Event website: Link
Event registration: Open
International gateway: Singapore


First ATM points race in Singapore and also the shortest race on the tour with 25 km. Part of the COMPRESSPORT King of the Trail series in the country, the Trail Blazer naturally caters for fast legs, who get their chance to score a bulk of championship points in this race with start and finish in the Macritchie Reservoir. 

Precise course details will follow in due course. Registration is already open.

This event is sponsored by our main sponsor COMPRESSPORT, which will also prepare the race Ts and other gifts for participants. 

KOTT2018_Route_Leg .png



Mt Apo SKy Race (PHI)

Mt APO New Logo copy.png

tale of the trail

Date: 21 April 2018
Country: Philippines
Race venue: Darung Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur, Mindanao
Edition: 3
Event organiser: Vertical 2 Sky
Race distance: 100 km / 50  km (25 km also available)
Elevation gain: TBC Hm
Highest altitude: TBC
Start time:  Midnight
Cut-off time: 30 hours (100k), 15 hours (50k)
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100 / 50
Max ATM performance points: 400 / 200
Grandmaster Quest: Yes (100K)
Event website: Link
Event registration:  CLOSING SOON
International gateway: Manila, Cebu, Davao


3rd edition of this big mountain race up the legendary Mt Apo on Mindanao Island in southern Philippines. Thanks to Vertical 2 Sky, event organiser, runners in this race will have exclusive access on Apo this year, as the mountain is currently closed for tourism. 

course description

  • 100% Technicalities (for 100km only)
  • *Forest, boulders, river trekking, open trail, dirt roads
  • *6km pavement road (1km @ every proper Barangay & Sitio)
  • *25km+ out & back for 50km category
  • *50km+ out & back for 100km category
  • *River crossing (2x) for both category
  • *Boulder route (2km+) & river trek (100m) for 100km category only
  • *2 mountain assault for 50km and the rest is for 100km category
  • *Normal Temperature is hot (open trail) and very cold @ the forest & summit
  • conditions of entry & mandatory gear


At least a 42km finisher, mountain trail race and not a whiner. Must be 18 years of age, if not, must provide parent consent and must have current Medical Certificate (2017 issue)

Mandatory gear 100K & 50K

  • Hydration Pack – at least 1.5 liters
  • Headlamp – with extra battery
  • Whistle – remember the drill
  • Jacket – water proof/thermal
  • Gloves – use in mountaineering not in the ER, haha!
  • Headwear – anything that covers your head, protects you from cold
  • Trail Food – with ziplock and last from AS to AS
  • Cellphone – with load and fully charge battery (coverage up to Camp 2 only)
  • MedKit – for LBM, stomachache, headache, etc.
  • Extra Money - for emergency transpo & snacks @ the local store


mt apo sky race 2017 video


Participants from outside Mindanao, like Cebu, Manila, and Foreign Country, you can book your flight direct to Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City, Pilipinas. Davao airport is closer to Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur than any airport in Mindanao, Philippines.

From Davao airport you can take a cab (just outside the airport) going to Ecoland Terminal Davao. Ecoland is only 12kms away from the airport and travel time is approximately 25 to 35 minutes. Then take a bus bound for Digos, Cotabato, Kidapawan, Malita, etc. and inform the driver or conductor that you’re heading to Municipality of Sta Cruz only. Landmark is Sta Cruz Bus Terminal along the highway. Travel time from Davao City to Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur  is approximately 1 hour or 40kms away and only P50 fare for aircon bus.

If you're lost and need direction, inform right away the Race Director Romualdo “Doi” Calbes, +63-9255566692.


Mt. APO Turning Point.jpg

tengri ultra trail (KAZ)

tale of the trail

Date: 6 May 2018
Country: Kazakhstan
Race venue: Tamgaly Tas Campsite
Edition: 4
Race director: Тимур Артюхин
Race distance: 70 km (35 km and 15km also available)
Elevation gain: 1020 Hm (70km)
Race starting time: 6.00 a.m. 
Cut-off time: 12 hours
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100 (70 km); 
Max performance points: 400
Grandmaster Quest: Yes (70km)
Event website: Link
Event registration: Open
Race-only fee: USD 55
International gateway: Almaty
Travel package: Yes, can be arranged via LOC


Following three exciting editions with ever more international participation, the Tengri Ultra Trail is back on 6 May 2018 and will again feature grasslands, canyons, mountain- and riverscapes. The main trail course will again be 70km (1 point for the Grandmaster Quest!). There is also a shorter 35 km loop run. Beginning runners can opt for the 15km. 

Tengri Ultra Trail starts and finishes at a campsite along the banks of the Ili River, which flows into China. Tamgaly Tas is approx 100km from former capital city Almaty, which is also the international gateway to the event. Busses will bring registered participants from Almaty centre to the campsite on Saturday. Camping is a must, so people need to bring camping equipment, or rent it in advance. There will be a small-scale BBQ in the evening, but participants are recommended to bring some food and drinks along as well. As it suits an adventurous trip, there is no wifi and hardly any mobile signal in this remote area. 

A group of Hong Kong and Beijing-based runners joined the enthusiastic local running community for the inaugural edition, and had an unforgettable experience. Action Asia magazine reported on the event in its July/August 2015 edition. 

Interview with TUT's Race Director (in Russian)

2018 poster


video 2017

2017 Trailer


70 km

35 km


Runners will camp on pre-race night (7 May), as race location is 100km away from Almaty City. A bus transfer from Almaty Central Stadium on the side of the street Abay is arranged for 14:00 on Saturday. Return after the race on Sunday is scheduled for 18:00. The race location is away from regular roads, so it is highly recommended to take the official event bus.  For this it is necessary to select the bus option when registering for the race. The application for a place on the bus is compulsory: no reservation, no bus!

For runners and accompanying people it is possible to organize catering and rental camping equipment. We know that good nutrition is recipe for sporting success! Two options of meals will be available on Saturday and Sunday at the camp site:

1) Three times healthy food at race base camp. Pre-order and payment of the food (3 meals is USD 48)  is required via the online registration form, and note that the possibility to order food will be closed one week prior to the event. Vegetarian menu is available.

2) Burgers and barbecue grill kitchen for everyone. Payment on the spot, a reservation is not required.

In 2016, if you like a travel package for your journey in Almaty, please contact the expert travel agency Q14 (English spoken). The email address is . After you registered for the race, you can even get a discount rate for hotels in Almaty via Q14. 

If you wish to go independently, for hotels in Almaty, consider , which has wide range of options. Taxis are readily available from the airport, but bring a reservation print out if you are not a Russian speaker. There is an information booth at the airport exit where you can also inquire in English and German. 




Date: 1 August 2018
Country: Mongolia
Race venue: Hovsgol National Park
Edition: 20
Event organiser: EcoLeap Foundation
Race distance: 100km / 42 km
Elevation gain: 3365 Hm (100km) / 2255 Hm (42km)
Cut-off time: 18 hours
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100 (100km) / 42 (42km)
Event website: Link
Event registration: Open

International gateway: Ulanbaatar
Travel package: Part of registration fee


The classic grassland ultra in western Mongolia's Hovsgol National Park. In 2018 the non-profit event will be organised already for the 20th time. The race goes across the National Park through ondulating grassland areas. The race is part of a one-week package. 

Official press release






Date: 30 November - 2 December 2018
Country: Hong Kong
Race venue: Tai Mei Tuk, New Territories
Edition: 6
Event organiser: XTE
Race distance: 168 km / 86 km ( 55 km and 33 km also available)
Elevation gain: 12 000 Hm (168 km) / 6000 hm (86 km)
Race starting time: 18:00 (30 November, 100 miles); 10:00a.m. (2 december, 84 km) 
Cut-off time: 46 hours (100 miles) 
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100 (168km) / 86 (86km)
Max performance points: 400 (168 km); 300 (86 km)
100 Mile Bonus: 50
Event website: Link
Event registration: Open
International gateway: Hong Kong
2017 Male Champion: Tom Robertshaw (GBR)
2017 Female Champion: Habiba Benahmed (FRA)


HK 168 is in the mean time also a traditional ultra event in Hong Kong's New Territories. This one is centred around Tai Mei Tuk and has matured significantly in the past few years. The organiser, XTE,  is active in several countries, but HK 168 is the biggest event on their programme. 

technical details

This is typical Hong Kong, including the famous steps. There is a thorough description, including downloadle GPS files available on the event website.



The course starts in the Northeastern part  of Hong Kong (and to be more precise, north eastern part of the New Territories).  It is in the countryside of Hong Kong and does not really have hotels close by.  The nearest places with hotels for tourist are in Shatin district.  There are some hotels in Tsuen Wan and Shatin. Further information can be found through the links:

For the travel information on the MTR, please click tot he link:

It is also possible to stay on HK Island or Kowloon side. Please visit the website - for more information about the hotels in Hong Kong.

The finish point of the race is near Tsuen Wan area and takes 15 minutes by taxi to the Tsuen Wan MTR station.

Access to Checkpoints

Supporters may want to reach the checkpoints.  Some are accessible by road, others can only normally be reached on foot. Please visit “Route” for the details of the checkpoints:


hk 168 (2018) full 168 course map.png



Russia - primorsky krai

Date: 14 October 2017
Country: Russia
Race venue: Gribanovka Ski Resort, Primorsky Krai
Edition: 3
Event organiser: Gribanovka Ski Resort
Race distance: 50 km / 39 km / 12 km
Elevation gain: 1834 Hm (50km)
Race starting time:8:00 a.m. 
Cut-off time: 16:00 (= 8 hours)
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100
Event website: VK Page
Event registration: Open - Email
International gateway: Vladivostok, Russia
Travel package: Yes, see below


Second time in the Asia Trail Master series, and catering for trail runners who like to explore new frontiers. A 50 km  hilly run on and around Mount Falaza in mainland Russia's most eastern region. Mount Falaza is located at the southern end of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Intermediate level runners can go for 39 km. Beginning runners can also opt for a 11 km option. Organised by a local ski resort with years of experience in adventure challenges and MTB races. 

Gateway to the event is the city and airport of Vladivostok. From the city, runners can take a bus to the race venue at the Gribanovka Ski Resort, where the accommodation for the pre-race night will also be. English will be spoken at the race venue. 

Technical details

Falaza map.png

 The race course has Mount Falaza as the most prominent and most technical feature. The rest of the course will mainly be run through forest, which will show off its bright autumn colours. The 50 km race will have an elevation gain of approx 1834 Hm. The 39 km is a good run also including Mount Falaza. The 12 km is for beginning trail runners. 


The event organiser will ensure that international runners are not getting lost when they arrive in Vladivostok. Please see below the recommended programme for the long weekend:

----- Programme 2017 -----

  • Friday, 13 October
    • Participants arrive at Vladivostok airport (or railway station). Transport to Gribanovka Resort at 10:00 a.m.
    • 16:00 race briefing
    • 17:00 number bib and race bag distribution
  • Saturday, 14 October
    • 8:00: start of 50 km and 39 km
    • 11:00 start of 11 km 
    • 16:00 Finish closure
    • 18:00 Prize giving ceremony
  • Sunday, 15 October
    • Bus transfer back to Vladivostok City

The airport shuttle and the bus transfers from Vladivostok City/Airport to Gribanovka Resort cost about USD 15-20 each way. The resort is 120 km from Vladivostok City.  
One night at the Gribanovka Ski Resort costs about USD 30 (including breakfast)

Contact person is race director Alexey Chaklov:  Tel. +7 924 1380446 , Email:  . He speaks good English. 



trail fifty mapawa (PHI)


tale of the trail

Date: 28 October 2018
Country: Philippines
Race venue: Mapawa Nature Reserve, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao I
Edition: 5
Event organiser: Riyadh Balbontin
Race distance: NEW: 50 miles and 50 km (21 km and shorter also available)
Elevation gain: 3800 hm (50 miles), 2900 hm (50km)
Race starting time: TBA
Cut-off time: 20 hours (50 miles), 15 hours (50 km)
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100 (50 miles) / 50 (50 km)
Max performance points: 400 (50 miles) / 200 (50 km)
Grandmaster Quest: Yes (50 miles) 
Event website: Coming soon
Event registration: Open
International gateway: Davao, Cebu, Manila
2017 Male Champion: John Ray Onifa (PHI)
2017 Female Champion: Sandi Menchi (PHI)


The most popular trail running event on Mindanao, the largest among the southern islands of the Philippines. Rebranded in 2018 as Trail Fifty Mapawa, the longest distance race of 50 miles is brand new. The traditional 50 km is a rollercoaster with significant total elevation gain of approx 3000 hm. Participants say it is one of those races that are much tougher than they look. More than a thousand runners take part in this event, which is part of an overall running festival. 

2018 race course 

Below is the 2018 course for the 50 miles and 50 k races, both points races for the Asia Trail Master Championship

Mapawa 50 miles map.JPG
Mapawa 50k map.JPG

logistical and practical infos for your stay in Cagayan de Oro and Mapawa

Mapawa  infos.jpg


Mapawa 2017 2.jpg

kushigata wind trail (JPN)

tale of the trail

Date: 27 May 2018
Country: Japan
Race venue: Shiratori ParkTainai City, Niigata
Edition: 3
Event organiser: Trailrunners Japan
Race distance: 30 km
Elevation gain: 2500 Hm
Highest altitude: TBC
Race starting time: 7:00 a.m. 
Cut-off time: 6 hours
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100
Max performance points: 400
Grandmaster Quest: No
Event website: Link
Event registration: Open
International gateway: Tokyo, Niigata Airport


Organised by the same crew as the Echigo, the Kushigata Wind Trail has Tainai City, also in Niigata, as event host and offers a relatively short but very crispy trail race. It essentially takes runners on a mountain range and ridge with splendid views of the snowcapped Iide Mountains. It is the shortest race on the Asia Trail Master calendar in 2017, but more than 2500 metres of elevation gain need to be conquered on a total distance of approx 30 to 35 kilometer. A race for punchers! 

As Japan goes,  also the Kushigata Wind Trail event will be much more than just the race. An opening ceremony with welcome party, as well as an onsen (hot spring) visit to a top location are all part of the experience for runners. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available, but enter the weekend in your running diaries already! 

Video 2017 edition

2018 race profile

kushigata profile.png


kushigata mountain range.jpg

myanmar - inle lake

key details

Date: 18 November 2017 (to be confirmed)
Country: Myanmar
Race venue: Kalaw, Inle Lake
Edition: 1
Event organiser: Kuai Sports Promotions / Peak DMC
Race distance: 70 km / 16 km
Elevation gain: approx 1500 Hm (70km)
Start time: 6:00 a.m. (70km)
Cut-off time: 12 hours

Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100 (70km)
Event website: Link
Event registration: Opening soon

International gateway: Yangon
Travel package: Yes