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The 4th edition brings some new stuff to you: the one hundred category. It is not exactly 100K but instead they made it 116K. It is called Mantra Summits Challenge One One Six or simply say it: MSC This adding up the existing 15, 35, 55 and 75K category exist previously

All category will circulating around Arjuno-Welirang. The well known complex of mountain with its beautiful view but yet very challenging elevation profile to reach both peak of Welirang and Arjuno. Mount Arjuno (sometimes spelled Mount Arjuna) is inactive volcano in East Java, Indonesia with altitude 3,339 m above sea level. It is the third highest mountain in East Java after Mount Semeru and Mount Raung, and is the fourth highest on the island of Java. Arjuno is adjacent to Welirang , Kembar I, and Kembar II. The peak of Mount Arjuno is located on one ridge that is the same as the peak of Welirang mountain, so this complex is often referred to as Arjuno-Welirang.

According to many, this is the toughest course in the Asia Trail Master Championship. In 2019, the 75K remains but will be a joined main feature with a new 116k race.

For technical trail runners who chase our Championship, this is the SuperTrail you cannot miss.

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Check the official event website for details and fine print

Technical details

The 2019 programme features a new 116k race and comes on top of the existing 75k race. Both races will offer ATM championship points and Grandmaster Quest point.

This is a very technical race, arguably the most technical in our ATM series. Come prepared, and even though this is Indonesia, take some warm clothing as it does get very chilly above 3000m altitude at night. The ascent of Welirang right after the start is long and hard, and so is the rocky descent.

Race map and profile 116k

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