Russia - primorsky krai

Date: 14 October 2017
Country: Russia
Race venue: Gribanovka Ski Resort, Primorsky Krai
Edition: 3
Event organiser: Gribanovka Ski Resort
Race distance: 50 km / 39 km / 12 km
Elevation gain: 1834 Hm (50km)
Race starting time:8:00 a.m. 
Cut-off time: 16:00 (= 8 hours)
Asia Trail Master finisher points: 100
Event website: VK Page
Event registration: Open - Email
International gateway: Vladivostok, Russia
Travel package: Yes, see below


Second time in the Asia Trail Master series, and catering for trail runners who like to explore new frontiers. A 50 km  hilly run on and around Mount Falaza in mainland Russia's most eastern region. Mount Falaza is located at the southern end of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Intermediate level runners can go for 39 km. Beginning runners can also opt for a 11 km option. Organised by a local ski resort with years of experience in adventure challenges and MTB races. 

Gateway to the event is the city and airport of Vladivostok. From the city, runners can take a bus to the race venue at the Gribanovka Ski Resort, where the accommodation for the pre-race night will also be. English will be spoken at the race venue. 

Technical details

Falaza map.png

 The race course has Mount Falaza as the most prominent and most technical feature. The rest of the course will mainly be run through forest, which will show off its bright autumn colours. The 50 km race will have an elevation gain of approx 1834 Hm. The 39 km is a good run also including Mount Falaza. The 12 km is for beginning trail runners. 


The event organiser will ensure that international runners are not getting lost when they arrive in Vladivostok. Please see below the recommended programme for the long weekend:

----- Programme 2017 -----

  • Friday, 13 October
    • Participants arrive at Vladivostok airport (or railway station). Transport to Gribanovka Resort at 10:00 a.m.
    • 16:00 race briefing
    • 17:00 number bib and race bag distribution
  • Saturday, 14 October
    • 8:00: start of 50 km and 39 km
    • 11:00 start of 11 km 
    • 16:00 Finish closure
    • 18:00 Prize giving ceremony
  • Sunday, 15 October
    • Bus transfer back to Vladivostok City

The airport shuttle and the bus transfers from Vladivostok City/Airport to Gribanovka Resort cost about USD 15-20 each way. The resort is 120 km from Vladivostok City.  
One night at the Gribanovka Ski Resort costs about USD 30 (including breakfast)

Contact person is race director Alexey Chaklov:  Tel. +7 924 1380446 , Email:  . He speaks good English.