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The return of The Punisher. After 2016, the event will again be a points race for the Asia Trail Master Championship. Organiser Vertical 2 Sky alternates between its Mt Apo Skyrace and The Punisher. Perhaps less iconic than the gruelling Apo, but according to many people more beautiful and enjoyable. As such, it has been growing ever since its inauguration three years ago. The 50 miles race certainly has what it takes, and the route takes you more or less around the Babak Samal Island for a natural trail journey.

Event website

Check the official event website for details and fine print (coming soon)

International gateway

Easiest fly-in airport is Davao, as the Babak Samal Island is just off the Davao coast and airport. Davao has more and more international connections, so check later in 2019 again to find a possible direct flight. Alternatively, you fly via Manila or Cebu, of course.

Accommodation in Davao City is plenty, but there’s also smaller hotels and guesthouses on the island. More details on these coming in early 2019.