Beyond Asia: Run Ultra Trails in France!

We are happy to announce our latest partnership with Ultra Trail in France, a travel company that specialises in trail running events.  Ultra-trail in France ( offers tailor-made solutions for runners who want to take part in French trails. The company, chaired by a very experienced ultra trail runner, will likewise be promoting the races on our Asia Trail Master calendar to its European customer database. 

“Ultratrail in France” is born out of growing frustration at having no choice but to participate in ‘one size fits all’ package of ultra-trails, mountain races, or marathon trails. These have often been impersonal and lack interesting add-ons besides the race in itself. As trailers, we forget the number of hours elapsed, the number of miles travelled, the elevation hurtled down and climbed back up, the number of pairs of worn shoes. However, we remember the intense joy, the solidarity between trailers, the comfort of the refreshment posts, … and of course the intense feeling of transcendence despite the blows of blues, bad weather, injuries, etc. Let Ultra Trail in France help you to preserve these great memories, don’t let the organisational problems of a package, ‘one size fits all’ holiday spoil your experience.

In particular, Ultra-trail in France offers you:

  • The best French ultra-marathons and ultra-trails, including UTMB, 
  • A winning combination of French specialist in "tailor-made travelling" with the passion of experienced trailers.
  • Bespoke offers that completely meets your expectations at the most competitive price. From race pre-selection & registration, accommodation, and transportation to discovering the delights France has to offer.

Challenge yourself and enjoy French delicacies:

  • Cultural & historical highlights of France such the UNESCO World Heritage, Palaces,  Museums, National Parks,...
  •  Vineyards, cellars stills and experience wine, champagne, Armagnac tasting, accompanied by an oenologist
  • Experiencing Gourmet dining, tasting regional products and flavours of the "French terroir", participating in local cooking class with star chefs.
  • White water and sea sports, mountain and air sports, golf, horse riding, biking ...
  • Relaxing in the spa,  with hydrotherapy, osteopathy and beauty treatments.

Trips can be designed exactly to fit your requirements as a runner travelling to France to take part in the country's many epic events.

As a practical example, the Grand Raid des Pyrenees
Race date: 20 to 23 AUGUST 2016
Distance / Elevation gain:160 km (+9,500 m), 120 km (+ 7,000m) or 80 km (+ 5,000m)

After successfully completing your race, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Taste local wines (Madiran, Fronton, …) and participate in wine cellar tours,
  • Sample gourmet dinners and discover other local delicacies,
  • Experience the prestigious Armagnac tasting and visit regional stills,
  • Following in the footsteps of the Tour de France, climb to the Tourmalet and the Pic du Midi or visit the Cirque de Gavarnie, Unesco World Heritage of Humanity,
  • Visit Toulouse and Airbus Museum (A380 assembly chain),
  • Hotels, private transport from your arrival to your departure point.

Highly recommended for all Asian trail runners who wish to get a more special and deeper experience in France. 

More details and questions can be directly referred to Ultra Trail in France

Kris Van de VeldeComment