Dali 100: 2nd victory for Ma Yanxing boosts her to top of the standings

The 3rd edition of the Dali 100 Ultra Endurance Race in Yunnan, China, was won by Luo Canhua in the men's  in a fantastic time of 11:32:19, and by Ma Yanxing in the women's (14:15:03, i.e. second best overall!). Earlier this year, Ma Yanxing also won the Dalian 100 race in the north of China. Two big 100k wins now put her at the top of the Asia Trail Master ranking with 1005 points, 63 points more than Mila Marlina. However, the Indonesian champion is taking part in this weekend's ultra event in Bromo Tengger Semeru, and providing she finishes, will take over the lead again. 

As we are still waiting to receive the full results from the Dali race, the rankings will be updated later than usual. 

Men 100 km

1 (luocanhua)罗灿华 11:32:19
2(wen ming 与)文鸣宇 14:24:54
3(yuan kai hong)袁凯宏 14:25:05
4(chen xue jun)陈学军 14:37:05
5(wang qian )王骞 14:55:13

Women 100 km

1(ma yan xing)马妍星 14:15:03
2(wu zhen feng)吴珍凤 15:46:54
3 (yang su qi)杨素琦 19:23:44
4 (bai yu qiu)白玉秋 20:04:29
5 (shi hong xia)史红霞 20:46:42


Kris Van de VeldeComment