Discover the trail running gems of Indonesia

RUN on volcanoes and through the rainforests of Java and Lombok 

We are delighted to introduce four fantastic new events in Indonesia to the 2015 Asia Trail Master series calendar. Four races that are breathtaking in beauty but also in difficulty: the Gede Pangrango Marathon, Mount Rinjani Ultra, Bromo Tengger Semeru Ultra and the Mesastila Ultra. 

As in most countries, trail running is still a young activity in Indonesia, and joining an international event circuit like the Asia Trail Master series, which of course has a unique focus on the Asian continent, fits the growth strategy of the organisers at FOneSport perfectly. The aim is to attract runners from all over Asia and the world, but also to boost the domestic running scene. By inserting four key races into the calendar, Indonesian runners get an excellent opportunity to place themselves into the spotlights as one just needs three strong race results to finish high in the ATMs championship ranking at the end of the year.

But of course it is about more than just raking up points. It is also about discovering the endless beauty of the Indonesian islands, all with its own distinct historical and cultural heritage. And about connecting with the local running communities. In 2015 the four races are concentrated on the main island of Java, which hosts the country's capital Jakarta, and on Lombok - the small sister island of Bali.

The first race is the closest to Jakarta in West Java, and also the shortest: the Gede Pangrango Marathon on 2 May is indeed 42 km in length. However, the race isn't short and sweet: no fewer than 4000 metres of altitude are on the day's menu! Participants do have a 16-hour-allowance to complete the trail, though, which should give people the chance to enjoy the relatively little known National Park centred on the volcanoes Gede and Pangrango at a desired pace. 

The Mount Rinjani Ultra on Lombok is arguably the best known Indonesian trail race to date, and has been welcoming hundreds of runners already. A bit longer than Gede Pangrango Marathon at 52km, this race also goes up and down a majestic volcano. Gunung Rinjani just towers over the tiny island of Lombok at a height of 3726 metres. The race has a total altitude gain of 5800 hm, but you will be stunned more by the awesome crater views at the summit. And after the race you can go to one of Lombok's many beachside resorts to relax those tired muscles.

In Autumn, the focus in Indonesia will be on the Mesastila Challenge in Magelang, Central Java, for a 65km and over 4400 hm trail race that can be described as technical given some "difficult terrain and intimidating bridges" as described on the event website. In order to get to the event area, runners may need to fly into Yogyakarta or Solo (Surakarta), two cities that host impressive cultural and historical artifacts and host town Magelan is also the gateway to Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist temple complex. The event is scheduled for 10 October.

The final Indonesian race in this year's Asia Trail Master series is also the longest: the Bromo Tengger Semeru Trail in East Java is a genuine ultra race as it covers 170 km and over 10.000 altitude metres! Also the B-race is a serious one with 102km and 5265 Hm. Note that you need to have experience before you can enter this race. The event is scheduled to start on 7 November.  

Please note that registrations for the Gede Pangrango Marathon and the Mount Rinjani Ultra are already being accepted. Runners should be aware of the registration deadlines, which in the case of the West Javan race is on 9 March already. The registration module for Mesastila and Bromo Tengger Semeru will open soon. 

The Asia Trail Master series team is looking forward to a great cooperation with FoneSport and the further development of the trail running industry in Indonesia!