Announcement for event organisers: 2015 calendar entry applications closes on 31 March

The first ever edition of the Asia Trail Master series has begun in style with two equally brand new races, Ultra Trail Hong Kong and the Wild Elephant Trail, the first two of already 20 confirmed events on the race calendar. We are indeed very grateful to have received the support and encouragement of plenty an organiser and sponsor, and we are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation in a fantastic debut year! 

In order to focus on the tasks at hand and to ensure quality service to all our stakeholders, the operational and strategy teams behind the ATMs have decided to impose a deadline for further applications for the 2015 ATMs race calendar. Event organisers keen on joining this year's Asia Trail Master series are kindly requested to approach us and submit a written application to by 31 March 2015. As of 1 April, we will only accept applications with a view to next year's 2016 race calendar. 

As a reminder, please find below the key eligibility conditions for event organisers to join our Asia Trail Master series: 

  • Race participation open to everybody men & women of any nationality above the age of 18
  • The main race course distance equals or exceeds the standard marathon distance of 42, 195km
  • The race course must be at least 75% offroad.
  • Appropriate registration and electronic time-keeping system (ideally ATMs customised system)
  • Appropriate event safety and insurance policy standard
  • Willingness to assist in promotion of the Asia Trail Master series and of other ATMs events on the year's calendar

In addition, it should be noted that we allow only a maximum of five races per country on a given year's race calendar. For 2015, this implies that there's only one more spot left for China and for Indonesia, as both countries already host four races. By the same token, if you wish to ensure you are one of five  in 2016, please do not hesitate and contact us sooner rather than later to open the discussion. 

We are also happy to hear from any brands interested in marketing and promoting their product(s) via the Asia Trail Master series. Any kind of packages can be set up, tailor-made to a brand's specific needs.

Finally, the inaugural Asia Trail Master series and the 2015 'championship' are set to conclude mid-December with another brand new single day trail race in a new country. This one will be special, so stay tuned for more news coming up in early April! Following the last race of the year, the 2015 men's and women's Asia Trail Master champions, or short the 2015 Asia Trail Masters, will subsequently be crowned and celebrated. 

We wish everyone a lot of fun and successful challenges on the beautiful trails of Asia!