This weekend: Gede Pangrango Marathon in West Java

This Saturday, 2 May, marks the first of four Asia Trail Master races in Indonesia on the calendar. The Gede Pangrango Marathon takes place in a beautiful national park in West Java, roughly 2,5 hours away from Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. It is a race for mountain goats and nature lovers. The 42km distance covers no fewer than 4000 altitude metres and two big (volcanic) peaks, and is a points-scoring race for the Asia Trail Master ranking. Start and finish is in Cibodas. 

For non-domestic participants, please see a gentle reminder for the MANDATORY GEAR List, as published on the event organiser's social media pages. 

1. BIB (Running number)
2. Drinking Water 1.5 Liter
3. Food
4. Headlamps + extra batteries.
5. Emergency Survival Blanket (minimum 130cm x 200cm)
6. Whistle
7. Warm Outfits
8. First-Aid Kit

Participants also strongly advised to have Travel/Accident Insurance.

There will be shuttle bus to ferry runners on race day from a city location in Jakarta to the race venue inside the National Park.

For more information, please contact:
Contact: 081210000469 (Ary) atau 0817181187 (Rama)

Location: In front of FX Sudirman (
Saturday, 2 May 2015 02:00 WIB (for 15K dan 21K)
Saturday, 2 May 2015 01:00 WIB (for 42K)

Location: Race Central at Cibodas Botanical Garden
Saturday, 2 May 2015 15:00 WIB (for 15K dan 21K)
Saturday, 2 May 2015 22:00 WIB (for 42K)

IDR 150,000/pax (for 15K and 21K)
IDR 170,000/pax (for 42K)

Terms and Condition:
1. Available only to confirmed (paid, with BIB number) participants.
2. Fee is IDR 150,000/pax for 15K and 21K participants, IDR 170,000/pax for 42K participants.
3. You will be included in the passenger list only after we confirmed your payment.
4. Shuttle bus capacity is 48pax/bus for 15K and 21K, 15pax/bus for 42K.
5. You will be grouped based on total number of passengers.
6. Grouping will be based on paid passengers.
7. Minimum number for group departure is 38pax/group for 15K and 21K, 12pax/group for 42K.
8. If minimum number in 7) above not reached, the group's shuttle bus will be cancelled and all payments will be refunded.
9. Departure will be on 2 May 2015 02:00WIB for 15K and 21K, and 2 May 2015 01:00WIB for 42K.
10. Return trip will be on 2 May 2015 15:00WIB for 15K and 21K, and 2 May 2015 22:00WIB for 42K.
11. Snacks will be provided during the trip.
12. We take no responsibility on your belongings, please take care of your own stuffs.
13. No littering are allowed in the bus or out to the open street.
14. By registering for this shuttle bus service, you agree to the terms and condition.
15. Payment can be done by bank transfer to BCA 4761178886, Account holder's name is Diah Kirana Putri.
16. Send your registration information, with payment proof, to Please include:

Do not forget to upload a copy of you Photo ID for Park purposes