Bhutan's Last Secret stage race ready for the start

Bhutan remains one of those countries that remain a mystery to most of us. Following a Gross National Happiness philosophy rather than focussing on GDP, the Himalayan Buddhist country is unlikely to be high on people's travel lists either. Bhutan retains a very strict quota on the annual number of foreign tourists.  As such, the name of the trail stage race that starts on Sunday, The Last Secret, is very well-chosen. Organised by German company Global Limits, The Last Secret is a 6-day race over 200km that will make its participants feel very special and honoured.

It is the 3rd edition of the event, which starts 80km east of Thimphu - Bhutan's capital city - and finish in the most spectacular monastery, Taktshang Goemba (Tiger's Nest). The longest stage is stage 4 on Thursday over a length of 52km. During the week, the runners will conquer no fewer than 10 000 metres of elevation gain. Little rain over the past weeks and a fine weather forecast means that the trails are in good condition. Participants as usual come from all corners of the globe.

Finishers will score 175 distance points for the Asia Trail Master ranking, as well as performance points according to their ranking in the final overall result of the race. Updates after each stage will be posted on facebook and twitter.