Updated Asia Trail Master ranking after 7 races

As Bhutan's stage race The Last Secret came to its conclusion last weekend, the Asia Trail Master ranking has been updated and will remain as is during the summer break. The next race on the calendar takes place in Mongolia on 5 August.

China's Xie Zhangrong and Hong Kong's Yuen Kit Shan will therefore continue to see their names on top of the ranking sheet. However, the Last Secret did cause a few movements as runners finished their second ATMs race of the season. Remember: after the Shaman Trail in Myanmar, it is each runner's best three point results that count for the final classification to decide the championship. 

Mongolia Sunrise 2 Sunset is in fact a cult classic on the international trail running calendar, featuring a 100km ultra and 42km marathon distance in the grasslands. A non-profit organisation to the benefit of Khovsgol National Park, it is a chance for everyone to visit this remote but breathtaking area. It takes time to get there, so runners should consider turning participation into a short holiday. Registration is still possible via the event website. 

August will be a busy month with also races on Lombok (Mount Rinjani Ultra), Russia (Altai Ultra Trail) and Malaysia (Borneo TMBT) on the programme.