Dali 100 opens registration for international runners

The third mainland China race in this year's Asia Trail Master series takes place in one of most popular tourist destinations of the Southwest. The Dali 100 is scheduled for 31 October and international runners can now sign up exclusively via our website here


Dali is the capital city of the Bai ethnic minority in Yunnan Province, and is often referred to as the original backpacker mecca in China. Tourism is super important for the population, and it is indeed worth it to pay a visit to Dali. Central to the city is the big Erhai Lake, which is surrounded by high mountains. It is therefore no coincidence that the Dali 100, and also the 50km, trail race cover quite a bit of altitude. 

Organised by the same people as the Dalian 100 in April, Dali 100 is also one of the most popular races in mainland China and has sold out all of its mainland China entries (800) in less than 24 hours! Only international runners can now still sign up, and score a solid number of Asia Trail Master points by finishing this race.  Please take note that this race is not meant for beginners. The organisers demand a certain level of experience:

  • 100km: must have finished 1x 100km trail race already, or 2x 50km trail races, or 3x road marathon in less than 5 hours 
  • 50km: must have finished 1x 50km trail race already, or 2x road marathon in less than 5 hours

Map of the 100 km race

Profile of the 100 km race