RunSociety new official media partner of Asia Trail Master series

We are delighted to announce our latest official media partnership with RunSociety, the first online magazine for runners in Singapore governed by editorial guidelines and the fundamentals of journalistic integrity. As of October, RunSociety will publish previews and reviews of all Asia Trail Master races on the calendar and throw in a couple of extra stories and reports as well throughout 2016.  Obviously, this is good news for all event organisers under the Asia Trail Master umbrella. 

RunSociety has a particular focus on the Singaporean, Malaysian and Australian running communities and will at times also offer special travel and/or registration deals for some of the events on the ATMs calendar. 

As stated on its website: "The online platform was founded with the purpose of uniting the cumulative interests of runners from all walks of life under a common umbrella; keeping them abreast of the latest developments. It’s a place where both professional and aspiring runners can feel at ease, knowing they are receiving information that has been rigorously vetted by a team of experienced writers". Objectivity, reliability and community are the three main pillars of RunSociety following the motto 'Records are broken by bonds'.