Join the 2016 Asia Trail Master series!

Even though our inaugural edition of the Asia Trail Master series is still in full swing, preparations for next year have already begun. Event organisers who are keen to join us in 2016 are kindly invited to check our latest guidebook and fill in the event application form below or online. The earlier you contact us, the more we can do for you. 

Several new events have already applied and are being included in next year's calendar. The first version of the 2016 race calendar will be released at the end of next week. We are delighted and grateful to see the Asia Trail Master series maturing so quickly, and are looking forward to working together with all  of you! 

A general remark: just like this year, there is a maximum of 5 races per country.  An application does not automatically mean inclusion in our calendar, and will be subject to proper evaluation. 

As today, runners score points in all races they finish, but only their best three results will be taken into account for the final ranking at the end of the year. Runners who finish a 70km race also get 1 point for their Grandmaster Quest. By the waym in 2016 we are likely to have our first Asia Trail Grandmasters, who will enter our Hall of Fame! 


2016 Event Application Form

2016 Guidebook for Event Organisers 


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