Thailand's Sanya Khancai wins Vietnam Mountain Marathon

The 3rd Vietnam Mountain Marathon was won in dominating fashion by Thailand's Sanya Khancai in 8:42:15. He was ahead from start to finish, but always had to keep on pushing because Spain's Roberto Arevalo and Britain's Shorrock Robert Charles were not that far behind. The women's race turned out into a joint victory for Samantha Young and Federica Brugnara.

Rainfall made Vietnam's only serious trail running race tougher than expected for most runners. 154 of them attempted to complete the 70km distance with another 194 going for the 42km distance. The event was well-appreciated by the participants and seems bound to continue growing. A major after party in the mountains of Sapa concluded the event in style. 

1. Samantha Young (USA) 10:36:32
2. Federica Brugnara (ITA) 10:36:32
3. Billinda Marshall (NZL) 10:57:26
4. Ann Mari Lilijord (NOR) 10:57:34
5. Napassaporn Chumnarnsit (THA) 11:49:28


1. Sanya Khancai (THA)8:42:15
2. Roberto Arevalo (ESP) 8:54:26
3. Shorrock Charles (GBR) 8:58:05
4. Pharait Varasin (THA) 9:19:31
5. Yuen Wan Ho (HKG) 10:02:50