Asia Trail Master 2016 - The Final Championship Ranking


The 2016 Asia Trail Master series has come to a close. The two final official result lists from UT Panoramic and The Punisher have been received, so the final 2016 championship ranking is now ready for consultation. Our two winners of this year have of course already been known since a few weeks: Manolito Divina from the Philippines and Tahira Najmunisaa from Malaysia are the male and female 2016 Asia Trail Master champions. They will be honoured and celebrated accordingly at the first race of the new season: Tahura Trail in Bandung, Indonesia on 21/22 January 2017. 

Manolito Divina secured his title by defeating then-points leader in a straight battle with Jan Nilsen and a few other protagonists during CM 50, his home race by coincidence. The 36-year-old father of four this year also delivered a stunning 100 mile performance at Malaysia Eco 100. His other results were a joint second with Nilsen at UTHK, and a fourth place at UT Mapawa, which was worrisome as the result of an ankle injury just four weeks before CM 50. 

Tahira Najmunisaa has managed to remain undefeated in the Asia Trail Master series. She started her winning streak already back in November 2015 (BTS Ultra in Indonesia), and continued her dominance this season at the Beach Bunch Trail Challenge, Malaysia Eco 100, Magnificent Merapoh Trail and MesaStila Peaks Challenge. Tahira, mother of three, will also next year be the woman to beat in the women's ATM championship. 

Overall, the 2016 series were a success with significant competition for championship points and the celebration of the first three Asia Trail Grandmasters: Aleksis Capili (PHI/M), Jan Nilsen (NOR/M) and Ina Budiyarni (INA/F). Not only did the level of competition increase significantly, so did the level of organisation and race management of the events in our series. 

On behalf of the entire Asia Trail Master Team, we praise all runners and event organisers for their fantastic achievements in 2016! Asian trail running has developed and matured, and will undoubtedly continue to do so next year. CONGRATULATIONS

Manolito Divina

Manolito Divina

The top 20 - Men

1. Manolito Divina (PHI) 1650 points
2. Jan Nilsen (NOR) 1600
3. Isaac Yuen Wan Ho (HKG) 1450
4. Arief Wismoyono (INA) 1410
5. Abdul Rahman Abu Hassan (MAS) 1275
6. Aleksis Capili (PHI) 1260
7. Aldean Philip Lim (PHI) 1017
8. Kristian Joergensen (DEN) 840
9. Lee Jeong Ho (KOR) 
9. Nohui Seong (KOR) 825
11. Ali Ajis Rasil (BRU) 810
11. Mohamad Huzairi Shah Mohd Hussin (MAS) 810
13. Xu Xiutao (CHN) 800
14. Hendra Wiyaja (INA) 755
15. Husnan Husin (MAS) 716
16. Marcelino Sano Oy (PHI) 710
17. Alan Toh (MAS)
18. Mingyun Park (KOR) 690
19. Kian Philip Yong Yeo (MAS) 680
20. Al Telias (PHI) 660

The Top 20 - Women

1. Tahira Najmunisaa (MAS) 1650 points
2. Majo Liao (PHI) 1525
3. Patricia Shindy (INA) 1110
4. Jassica Lintanga (MAS) 1015
5. Ruth Theresia (INA) 1000
6. Ina Budiyarni (INA) 990
7. Yuen Kit Shan (HKG) 950
8. Xiao Jing (CHN) 925
8. Sunghee Lee (KOR) 925
10.Faherina Mohd Esa (MAS) 850
11. Gyesook Lee (KOR) 825
11. Mila Mirlani (INA) 825
13. Jocelyn Cheung (HKG) 800
14. Gretchen Felipe (PHI) 760
15. Manilyn Mamugay (PHI) 740
16. Hyonsim Chong (KOR) 720
16. Cheryl Bihag (PHI) 720
18. Adelinah Lintanga (MAS) 690
19. Cherry Chung (HKG) 670
20. Ma Yanxing (CHN) 550
20. Sandi Menchi (PHI) 550

Check out the full final 2016 Asia Trail Master Championship ranking. Next week we will be highlighting all the National Trail Master champions of this year. 

NOTE: in case a runner erroneously misses out on some points, please contact