Introducing Ultra Tu Wenchuan!

We are delighted to announce another fantastic new entry on the 2016 Asia Trail Master series' calendar: Ultra Tu Wenchuan is a 50 km mountain trail in Sichuan, Southwest China. The 2nd edition of the event is scheduled for Sunday, 15 May and is organised by Sichuan Trail, a company managed by people with extensive international running experience. Being not excessively long, the 50km race is ideal for runners who wish to get a taste of mountain trail running. 

The event is the second race in China where Asia Trail Master points can be scored this year, after Tsaigu Tangsi Plus on 16 April. As the gateway to the Tibetan Plateau, Wenchuan is quickly becoming a new hotspot for trail runners. UTWenchuan is not only a race, but also an opportunity to explore an area surrounded by 5000m high mountain peaks and several deep gorges. Runners have never trodden some of these trails before, so this race gives you the chance to explore a new horizon in trail running. And last but not least, this event’s date coincides with the famous Wenchuan cherry harvest. So don’t forget your race shoes and your appetite!

In 2008, Wenchuan was struck by a devastating 8.0 earthquake. In this most deadly earthquake on earth since 1976, 87150 lives were lost, cities are destroyed. Now 8 years have passed and a new Wenchuan has risen up. The race in the mountains of Wenchuan, serves both as a memory of the past and the optimistic striving for the future of the city.

Fantastic high mountain backdrops all along the UT Wenchuan trail

Fantastic high mountain backdrops all along the UT Wenchuan trail

The 2016 version of UT Wenchuan consists of 2 different categories for individual runners: 50km and 23km, with accumulated elevation gain of 3600m and 1650m. The 50km trail is the icon of UT Wenchuan, circling clockwise around the city of Wenchuan. It connects the high mountain passes, Minjiang gorge and ancient villages of Qiang people. It’s challenging, scenic and natural. Finishing this race distance will give you Asia Trail Master points. While the elevation gain is high for a 50km race, note that highest altitude you will reach is 2700 metres above sea level, meaning that the risk for altitude sickness is minimal. Nevertheless, it always helps to arrive at the destination a few days before the race. 

Trail conditions can be relatively rough at times. Local villagers instead of tourists create the majority of our trails, which then offers you a great chance to interact with and get a look into the life of the Qiang people. The 50K course consists of 55% single-track, 35% dirt road/double-track and 10% paved road.  Please check further details on our cover page or the local event website

The organisers already have advanced plans to develop the event in the next years, and are going out of their way to assist participants who are coming to join the race. Gateway to Wenchuan is the capital city of Sichuan, Chengdu, which is served by plenty of international airlines as well. From the airport, a new highway links Chengdu with Wenchuan in less than 2 hours. A special runners' bus will depart on Saturday morning the day before the race, and return after the race. Please check all logistics via our cover page

It is possible to sign up for UT Wenchuan via us at Asia Trail Master, or via the local event website. The registration fee is, of course, the same.