Note: 2016 event applications due by 15 April

The 2016 Asia Trail Master series have started and this means the deadline for event organisers to join this year's series is coming closer. We therefore kindly remind and invite organisers to contact us at the latest by 15 April, or if already done so, to produce the required paperwork by that date. It is to the benefit of all parties, not in the least of the runners who need to plan their races, if all formalities were finalised well in advance of the event date. 

The event application form is linked here , and if you wish to read up more on the benefits of joining, and on the details of our points systems, please refer to our guidebook (in PDF). 

It is of course also possible to apply already for the 2017 Asia Trail Master series. The earlier the better, as remember we adopt a maximum number of races per country (currently five). 

Several additions to this year's race calendar, mainly for the second half of the year, are due to be announced in the next weeks, including some exciting new entries. Fast runners aiming for the 2016 Asia Trail Master title will have plenty of chances to score points in at least three races, and we are likewise bound to see several persistent ultra runners succeed in their Grandmaster Quest (6 races of +70km in 2 calendar years). 

We are also very happy to partner up with a number of important brands and companies in the Asian trail running community. These will also be presented in detail over the next few weeks, as we are heading towards the very busy mid-April to early June period. During the spring time we will get to know several runners of our community a bit better via our 'Talking Trail Running' series on this website. 

Don't forget to follow us on facebook or instagram to get the latest updates and flash news announcements. We have also opened a membership-only trail running forum on facebook, where you can discuss anything related to the Asia Trail Master series. You can applaud, question and criticise, but keep it decent at all times. Remember we all wish for the same: foster the development of trail running as a quality sport, and bring people from various backgrounds together!