Prepare for Malaysia Eco 100 with Gone Running's Tips

This weekend we are in Kazakhstan, but already the 3rd SuperTrail race is coming up soon  in this year's Asia Trail Master series, and it's Malaysia's!  Taking place opposite Penang Island in Bukit Mertajam, famous Malaysian ultra runner Seow Kong Ng has set up a beautiful gem of a race that received applause following its inaugural edition in August last year, when it was an Asia Trail Master Candidate Race. The event has been moved forward to 14/15 May this year, and also features a new 100 miles distance, on top of the existing 100 and 50km races. More than 500 runners will be taking part coming from many parts of the world. In order to be truly prepared for the Malaysia Eco 100, our partners at Gone Running in Hong Kong have selected a few products that come highly recommended for all participants. Selected by John Ellis, himself a very successful trail runner in Hong Kong, here's what his race bag would contain: 


Tailwind is an obvious one given the combo of energy and electrolytes, which is an absolute must for all runners in the Malaysia Eco 100, regardless of the chosen race distance-


2. The Kailas tops are our lightest, most breathable, run tops. They are the same material as this year's HK 100 tops -

Gurney Goo

3. Sweaty tropical climates are a magnet for running chafe so keep your sensitive bits safe and protected with Gurney Goo -

Cancer Council Repel

4. Repel Sunscreen is designed for harsh Australian conditions (SPF30+) and also has insect repellent -

Gone Running ships internationally from Hong Kong. As a partner of the event, Gone Running will also be rewarding the podium finishers on the long distance with prizes.