RaidLight's recommendation for Merapoh

In view of the upcoming race in peninsular Malaysia, the Magnificent Merapoh Trail, our official apparel partner RaidLight is recommending the following functional products at promotional prices for registered participants at the event. 

Focus is of course on lightweight and ultra breathable given the high temperature and humidity inherent to running in Malaysia. 

This special trail running tank top now has a half-zip for better ventilation control and a collar. Featuring shoulders with reinforced silicone, which makes it ideal for wearing a backpack. 

Initially developed for the trail, this tank-top is suitable for all runners, and is ultra wearable thanks to its light weight and anti abrasion material - Eco-Polyester.

Available price: HKD 579 (USD 75)

Lady performer

Designed with Eco - Polyester, it has silicone grips on the shoulders (giving non-slip shoulder grip for ruck/racing sacks) and a distinctly technical look!  It is lightweight (only 115grams) quick drying and resistant to abrasion, which makes it an ideal choice for all types of running.  

Available price: HKD 650 (USD 84)

You can order by sending an email to  (cc . You can collect the item(s) in the race office of the Merapoh Trail as of Friday early afternoon.