Ultra Trail Mount Jiri in Korea opens the registration

The second race in South Korea that qualifies for points in this year's Asia Trail Master series takes place on "holy" ground: Jirisan, or Mount Jiri, is one of the country's marquee mountains. The race, in its second edition, goes over the traditional ultra distances of 100km or 50km and seems suited for solid climbers. An elevation gain of nearly 6000 hm is substantial. The organisers had to wait quite some time for the necessary permits, but now the stage is set for another great event in Korea, where trail running is rapidly gaining popularity. The event takes place on 1/2 October and registration via the event website is already open.

Jirisan is of course the central part of the Jirisan National Park,  the oldest in Korea and one that places emphasis on biodiversity conservation. The highest peak is over 1900m above sea level.

The closest major airport to Jirisan is Busan, but the organisers are also arranging a bus service from Seoul station to the event, and in particular to the Kensington Resort, which functions as the event centre. Find out more logistical info here, or on the event website itself. It is important to book the bus from Seoul station and return in advance!

Event centre is the Kensington Resort where you can arrange comfortable accommodation for the race weekend. Important is to book through the event organisers, as described on our cover page