Ultra Trail Koh Chang first SuperTrail in 2017


Rumours have been going around for a while, and now we are glad to confirm: Ultra Trail Unseen Koh Chang is the first SuperTrail in the 2017 Asia Trail Master series! On the weekend of 17/18 February trail runners from all over Asia will strike down on this magnificent island in the Gulf of Thailand for a variety of races, the longest of which are 100 km and 70 km. An idyllic location for a trail run, but better come prepared as 5400 hm and 2800 Hm of elevation gain are not nothing. Organised by Teelakow, this is a popular event in Thailand with many hundreds of participants. To make it accessible for the whole family, there are also shorter races of 35km and 13km

SuperTrail races provide finishers with 50 bonus points for the Asia Trail Master championship. As such, they are important events for those aiming to become champion at the end of the season. As our series keeps expanding with more events in more countries, in 2017 there will be 7 SuperTrails of which Ultra Trail Unseen Koh Chang is the first. The others will take place in China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. It is not excluded that an 8th SuperTrail will be added to the list still. There can only be 1 SuperTrail per country. 

Trat is the gateway to reach the island of Koh Chang. From Bangkok you can take a domestic flight, or you travel over land via Pattaya. To make all the traveling worthwhile, the event organisers are pleasantly lenient in their cut off times and give participants a genuine shot at completing the course. Runners who try the 100km will have 40 hours of time. The highest point is 737 metres, coming from sea level, which implies this is a hilly rollercoaster rather than a big mountain event. Stay tuned for many more details on this soon-to-be-classic trail event. 

Registration is already open for UT Koh Chang via the event organiser's website www.teelakow.com