2017 Preview - Ultra Trail Nepal: Run For Recovery!

We are happy to announce the next event in our 2017 Asia Trail Master preview, and it is a new entry as well: Ultra-Trail Nepal joins our series on 24 April 2017! This memorial race will take place the day before the anniversary of the 2015 Earthquake that caused so much devastation and loss of life in Nepal and in the Batase region close to Kathmandu. The Ultra-Trail Nepal's slogan is clear: Run for Recovery. All profits raised from the event will go back into the community to assist with the Earthquake Rebuilding effort. 

The event is the result of the friendship between local (and international) running star Samir Tamang and Som Tamang, who hails from Batase Village. Technically it is organised  by Batase Trails and Take on Nepal — the Nepal and Australian arms of Som's organisation. Som has great experience in organising major events, from trail runs in Nepal to large fundraising events and community events in Australia, where he lives most of the year in Cairns. 

Ultra-Trail Nepal takes place in the Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal where the devastation caused by the Earthquake on 25 April 2015 is still very raw. The villagers are still living in challenging conditions and many are grieving the loss of family members. Ultra-Trail Nepal aims to provide much needed support to the people of this district and to provide them with opportunities to move forward.

Money raised will be used for:

  • Building drinking water facilities along the trails.
  • Maintaining roads and trails for villagers to be able to access facilities.
  • Supporting village Schools along the trails of which you will be running.
  • Supporting local runners to achieve their dreams of racing nationally and internationally
  • Rebuilding homes for villagers who are most vulnerable as a result of loss from the Earthquake.

The race is confirmed for 55 km but is projected to become 70 km in length, which in the context of the Asia Trail Master series means it will qualify also for 1 point in the Grandmaster Quest. It will begin in Kathmandu at an altitude of 1400m on the outskirts of Shivapuri National Park and will enter through the Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve. The route climbs to 2500m, then it heads down the ridge through a forest of oaks and rhododendron to Chisopani. Continuing downhill to Patybanjyang, where you will experience some great views of the Himalayas. The lowest point of the race will be 830m above sea level. From Patybanjyang you will follow the main Helambu trekking route to Thankuni, from there you will follow the trail to Batase Village (at 1800m altitude).

The surrounding scenery on this ultra trail run is breathtaking, and you will look across a vast valley and see rice fields, villages and people going about their daily lives in rural Nepal.You will be running through villages that have been devastated by the Earthquake. With help from Friends of Himalayan Children, the organisers are working hard to rebuild the lives of the people in this district. Your participation in this event will be of enormous benefit to the villagers of Nepal.

If you cannot attend the race but would still like to support our projects through making a donation, please visit “Friends of Himalayan Children”.

More technical details will be made available in the course of October and the online registration is projected to open in January 2017. But you can start planning your trip to Kathmandu already, and read more background on the organiser's official website

Preliminary 2017 Asia Trail Master calendar

* more races will be added in due course

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29/01/17 - Philippines - Rizal Mountain Run
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04-05/03/17 - Philippines - Cordillera Mountain Ultra
23/04/17 - South Korea - Korea 50k
24/04/17 - Nepal - Ultra-Trail Nepal - Run for Recovery