2017 Preview - Eco 100 the Malaysia SuperTrail

Confirmed again as Malaysia's SuperTrail, the 3rd edition of Malaysia Eco 100 is on the agenda for 13/14/15 May 2017. The event in Penang will be further fine-tuned here and there, but essentially builds on the groundwork laid out in the first two successful editions. That means runners will be provided with three well-tested options of 100 miles, 100km or 50km to score points for the Asia Trail Master championship ranking. Less ambitious runners can also go for 30 km during the long weekend.

Elevation gain is not the biggest issue in Malaysia Eco 100. The longest race has 4000 hm, but most of it is concentrated in the second half of the course, which means athletes need to preserve energy during the long runnable sections of the first part. People on the 100k only have 500 hm less to conquer, and the 50k is actually with 3000 Hm the opposite of the 100 miles: namely a race for climbing goats. The heat and humidity play a big role in this race, and were the main cause for the considerable DNF rate on the two longest distances in 2016. In 2017, participants in the 100 km and 50 km races will certainly benefit from an extended cut off time of 30 hours and 20 hours respectively. The ultra runners on the 100 miles are expected to be back within 40 hours. 

Malaysia Eco 100 being a SuperTrail, there are 50 ATM bonus points for all finishers on the 100 miles and 100 km races. Those who complete the 100 miles even get the new 100 Mile Bonus of 25 ATM points on top of that! 

It goes without saying that both 100 miles and 100 km are also valid for 1 point in the Grandmaster Quest. 

In 2016 Manolito Divina from the Philippines delivered a fantastic performance by finishing the 100 miles in 29 hours 47'08 ", and Aleksis Capili crowned himself as the first ever Asia Trail Grandmaster. Read more about it here

Registration for next year's event is already open via the event website with early bird rates till 30 November. 

Preliminary 2017 Asia Trail Master calendar

* more races will be added in due course

14/01/17 - Thailand - The Dirt Track
22/01/17 - Indonesia - Tahura Trail
29/01/17 - Philippines - Rizal Mountain Run
17-18/02/17 - Thailand - UT Unseen Koh Chang - SUPERTRAIL
25-26/02/17 - Brunei - Beach Bunch Trail Challenge
04-05/03/17 - Philippines - Cordillera Mountain Ultra
23/04/17 - South Korea - Korea 50k
24/04/17 - Nepal - Ultra-Trail Nepal - Run for Recovery
07/05/17 - Kazakhstan - Tengri Ultra Trail
13-14/05/17 - Malaysia - Eco 100 - SUPERTRAIL