Hakuba Trails formally joins the 2018 ATM Championship!


We are happy to formally announce the entry of Hakuba International Trails in the 2018 Asia Trail Master Championship series. Hakuba takes place in and around a major ski resort area near former Olympic host city Nagano and is scheduled for 9 September 2018. 

A Candidate Race this year, Hakuba International Trails is already a very popular classic event in Japan. The 53 km course will largely be the same next year, which implies an elevation gain of approx 2800 hm - implying a tough profile. The long distance race takes place in the mountains. Several rivers need to be crossed as well. About 1700 runners are expected to take part in the event that also offers three shorter distances to cater for the whole family. The first start is at 7:00 a.m. and the COT for the 53km is 10 hours, which does imply participants need to move on during the race. Only the 53 km race offers ATM championship points. 

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