BNI Plataran X Trail new 2018 ATM Candidate Race

While the main island of Java has been enjoying a boom of trail running activity in recent years, relatively little has been happening on Indonesia's main holiday island Bali. This is about to change with the birth of the BNI Plataran X Trail event on 22 July, the first major trail running on Bali with an international ambition. The event features a 50 km fast trail course through the West Bali National Park, and has eco resort Plataran L'harmonie as home base for start and finish.

The new event is also a Candidate Race for the 2018 Asia Trail Master Championship. . 

A genuine trail run with a mixture of forest paths, beach and rainforest single trail. There will be almost no tarmac road or concrete in the race course. Elevation gain in West Bali NP is limited, but there are a few hills to be negotiated nonetheless to add some spice and to offer some breathtaking views of the coastal area. Brief, this is a very runable course in a very beautiful setting that will appeal to trail lovers of all levels. Lots of cultural performances and add-ons are planned, and along with a generous COT to allow everyone to finish, BNI Plataran X Trail is set to be a trail running festivity. 

The event has 3 race categories:

50 K , COT 11 hours
25 K, COT 10 hours
7.1K fun run 

Registration is open via: