Philippines SuperTrail - CM 50 Ultra open for registration

One of the highlights on the trail calendar in the Philippines and for the second consecutive year SuperTrail in the Asia Trail Master Championship: Clark-Miyamit Falls Ultra. CM 50, as the event is commonly called, will be held on the last Sunday of November, the 26th. The recipe is well-known: 50 miles or 60 km out and back to Miyamit Falls over a mixture of runable trails and technical sections. While the race starts in the very early hours, still the warm climate can play a role in this race as well. 

Also this season we can expect a big battle between top contenders for the ATM Championship, but CM 50 is also a great race for those on the Grandmaster Quest. There is a cut off time feasible for most as long as you keep moving. 

Register now via the event website, and check out race details on the page below.