Enter the 9 Dragons - Sign up now!

One of the exciting newcomers in the 2018 Asia Trail Master Championship series: the 9 Dragons in Hong Kong on 24/25 February. Organised by the reputed fellows at Racebase Asia, the 9 Dragons has quickly established itself as a must-run race in a place already overloaded with trail running events. We are delighted to have it as part of our championship series and credit the 9 Dragons as the Hong Kong SuperTrail, which means bonus points for all finishers.

The event's main competition is the combination of the 50 miles race on Saturday with the 50k on Sunday. In principle we are thus talking a stage race with two stages, which makes it rather unique. The extra hours of rest in between the two stages will be welcoming for some, while others may feel very worn out when going to the start of Sunday's 50k stage. This being Hong Kong, elevation gain is of course also respectable. 4000 hm on Saturday during the 50 miles, another 3000 hm for Sunday's 50k!   The combo race is limited to 150 runners and you need to prove some credentials when you sign up for it. Registration for the 50/50 combo opens today, and you better be quick. Those who prefer to do the 50 miles single stage can sign up soon. 

In the context of the Asia Trail Master Championship, please note that points will be given to all finishers on the 50/50 combo stage race and on the 50 miles single day race, but not on the 50k single stage. It goes without saying that those who complete the combo will benefit from additional 50 bonus points. Be aware that if you sign up for the 50/50 and decide to quit after the first stage, you will only get finisher points for the first stage (150) and no performance points. 

For more information about the 9 Dragons, please visit the official event website, where you can also sign up. A comprehensive interview with race director Steven Carr will be posted on our channels in the upcoming weeks. Runners who have specific questions directed to him can let us know via info@asiatrailmaster.com before 10 August.