Dalat Ultra Trail becomes SuperTrail on 16 March!

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The phenomenal success of Dalat Ultra Trail in Southern Vietnam has not escaped our attention at Asia Trail Master, and we are therefore happy to announce that the 2019 edition, scheduled for 16 March, will be the Vietnam SuperTrail in the Asia Trail Master Championship series! Dalat Ultra Trail is expecting 3500 runners next season, split up over four race distances, and the 70 km is the one that matters for the Asia Trail Master Championship contenders and those on the Grandmaster Quest.

DUT, as the event is known in its abridged form, received a major boost in participant numbers this year and runners proclaimed themselves to be very happy with the event weekend in the cool Central Highland city, roughly in-between Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Nha Trang (the famous beach resort area). The 70 km makes one big loop through pine forests and coffee plantations and is generally quite runnable. Nevertheless, these are the Central Highlands, so you can also expect 2000m of elevation gain.

Registration numbers went through the roof very quickly as soon as they opened. For the 70k, runners are also advised to sign up quickly online via : https://123go.vn/dalatultratrail/checkout

Dalat Ultra Trail will therefore be the 3rd SuperTrail of the 2019 Asia Trail Master Championship, after The 9 Dragons Ultra in Hong Kong on 1/2 February and Cordillera Mountain Ultra in Philippines on 10 March. Penang Eco will again be the Malaysia SuperTrail, but this time takes place on the third weekend of June following the muslim Holy Month. In Thailand, the SuperTrail label goes to Ultra Trail Chiang Rai after the decision was made that UTKC cannot be held next year. The decision on the Indonesia and Japan SuperTrail is yet to be taken.

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