Trail Fifty Mapawa returns on 28 October


For the third year in succession, Trail Fifty Mapawa, previously known as Ultra Trail Mapawa, will be the second points race for the Asia Trail Master Championship in Mindanao, the large southern island of the Philippines. The event in the Mapawa Nature Reserve, close to major city Cagayan de Oro, is scheduled for 28 October as usual and will again feature the hilly rollercoaster of 50 km and approx 3000 hm of elevation gain. Trail Fifty Mapawa is a very popular local event and over the years has seen the best runners of the country taking part in it. Last season, the trail world got to know current Filippino hot newbie John Ray Onifa in this race, when he dropped Manolito Divina and gave him nearly 30 minutes come the finish line. 

The local organisation in Cagayan de Oro is very welcoming to international runners. There's two main ways to get there. Via a domestic flight from Manila or Cebu, but you could also consider just to fly to Davao and take a bus from there. 

Registrations for Trail Fifty Mapawa will open soon, and technical updates for the 2018 course are also expected in due course.  

Mapawa 50.jpg
Mapawa view.jpg