V Trail Laos opens registration next week

Laos Logo V-trail NoSpon-01.jpg

The first edition of the V Trail in Laos will open registration next week on 1 May. The event is the first major trail event in the country and technically organised by the teelakow team from Thailand that also brings you UT Koh Chang and UT Chiang Rai to name just two. The race courses for V Trail are now also 100% confirmed and it was decided to have a 85 km course as main race, and a 52 km as middle race. Shorter distances are also available, but the two longest matter for the Asia Trail Master Championship. 

Laos is a new destination on the trail map and of course will be characterised by jungle and mountains, and lots of technical single trail. The 85 km features nearly 5200 hm, but in the fine teelakow tradition you get 30 hours for that - which is still no walk in the park given the terrain, though. Runners should be prepared for a tough technical race in hot conditions. 

Participants can best get to the event via the international airport in Vientiane. From there it's a bus drive north to Vang Vien. 

Below are the profile maps for the 85 km and 52 km. 

Registration will be open via www.teelakow.com 

V Trail profile map.jpg
V Trail profile map 52k.jpg