Mt Talinis Mountain Marathon a 2019 Candidate Race

Mt Talinis logo.png

We are happy to announce another 2019 Asia Trail Master Candidate Race that will increase the diversity even more in our series, and particularly in the Philippines. The Mount Talinis Mountain Marathon is organised by an experienced team of runners and event managers in the Negros Oriental region of the southern Philippines. Effectively, this will be the first time ATM ventures outside of Luzon and Mindanao and giving local runners in the Visayas an opportunity to shine on the international stage. Host town is Valencia Public Plaza on Negros Oriental. Mt Talinis Mountain Marathon of course features the ascent of the volcano Talinis as highlight of the 50km race this year on 6/7 October. Talinis, also known as Cuernos de Negros (Horns of Negros) is 1903m high and is located roughly 20km from regional capital Dumaguete City. The climb is quite foresty, often foggy and has several mountain and crater lakes. The region has a very rich biodiversity but unfortunately also suffers from illegal logging. Another good reason to mark this event in your calendar and show the local communities that the national parks are a major asset long-term. 

This year it's a 50 km race (CUT 18 hours) that starts at 11 pm. For 2019, a Grandmaster Quest distance is envisaged of 70 km. 

There's two airports nearby: previously mentioned Dumaguete and also Mactan, which even hs international flights. 

More details via the facebook page of the event: 

Talinis_70k race plan map.png