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Trail TV: Watch the interview with ATM Founder Kris
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In the context of the opening of the new Asia Trail Master Championship season at Tahura Trail in Bandung, William Cheang talked to ATM founder and still general manager Kris about the past four years, as well as the new 2019 season and the road ahead. How did ATM come about? What has been accomplished? Find out about the Grandmaster Quest for all runners, and what are the new developments in ATM this year?

The interview was split up in two parts with the first part more backwards-looking, and the second part forward-looking.

ATM End-of-Year Poll!
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Asia Trail Master End-of-Year Poll: Choose the 'Runner of the Year', 'Event of the Year' , 'Race Director of the Year', 'Favourite trail section of the Year' and more!

As we have come to the end of another season, the fourth in ATM history, we like to get your feedback on all aspects of Asia Trail Master and Asian trail running. And of course, we like to hear from you as well who you see as the best runner or ATM event of the 2018 season. We are also interested in the most popular brands in Asian trail running, and who are the most popular - not necessarily the fastest - runners on the tour.

Participants in the poll who share their email address with us make a chance of winning a free race entry of choice for an ATM-promoted event in 2019. 

If instead you like to stay anonymous, no problem, because anonymous is the default setting. 

Thank you very much for your time.

New points regulations for ATM Championship final weekend

The final weekend of the 2018 Asia Trail Master Championship will again consist of two events where the final points for this season can be gathered: Ultra Trail Panoramic in Pai, Thailand on 7/8 December, followed by Izu Trail Journey on the Izu Peninsula in Japan on Sunday, 9 December. Upon conclusion of these two events, we know who succeed Steven Ong and Kim Matthews as the male and female champion in the Asia Trail Master Championship. 

Different from last year, we are introducing an added rule to the points distribution at these two events to allow for a fair conclusion to the championship and to offer runners a fair choice between the two events. The new rule is:

“Only runners who have scored points in minimum two ATM races during the 2018 season will receive ATM Championship points for their respective result in UT Panoramic 100 miles or 100k,  or Izu Trail Journey 72k.” 

In other words, the total race results of both Thai and Japanese events will be filtered, and only runners for whom UT Panoramic or Izu Trail Journey is the third ATM points race of the season will be retained and given championship points. 

Practical example: runner A finishes 9th in Izu Trail Journey. However, the runners in 2nd and 4th place have not done any other race in ATM this year, and the runner in 5th place has only done one before Izu Trail Journey. They are taken out of the list, and runner A gets points equivalent to 5th place. 

By introducing this added rule, runners in contention for the  ATM championship title can freely choose their final race without worrying about the competitive level of the potential local participants. 

Please note that Izu Trail Journey is of course the Japan SuperTrail, meaning 50 bonus points for the relevant finishers. Relevant finishers on the 100 miles of UT Panoramic likewise score the 100-miles bonus, i.e. also 50 points. 

To be clear, this concerns the ATM Championship only and not the Grandmaster Quest. All finishers of the UT Panoramic 100 miles and 100k races, as well as Izu Trail Journey 72k will score a point for their individual Grandmaster challenge. 

ATM Ranking Update following Indonesia SuperTrail
2017 ATM leaders october.001.jpeg

The Indonesia SuperTrail, Mesastila Peaks Challenge, as expected shook up the ranking for the Asia Trail Master Championship. Both male and female standings saw a new leader at the end of the tough volcano race. They are familiar faces as well: Arief Wismoyono was the 2015 Asia Trail Master Champion, and Tahira Najmunisaa is of course the defending 2016 women's champion. Both athletes are not done yet for the season, and certainly look strong contenders for this year's title. 

The full ranking can be consulted via Race Timing Solutions in Hong Kong:

As of 10 October (provisional)

1.  Arief Wismoyono (INA) 2400 (5) 
2.  Isaac Wan Ho Yuen   (HKG)  2210 (5). 
3.  Soonseng Ong (MAS)  2125(4) 
4.  Yim Heng Fatt (MAS) 2040 (5+)
5.   Pablo  Diago Gonzalez (ESP) 1935 (5)   
6    Cao Ngoc Ha (VIE)   1900    (4)
7    Hendra    Siswanto (INA)    1870    (5)
8    Manolito Lupig  Divina (INA) 1500   (3)
9    Gaspard    Dessy  (BEL)   1300    (3)
10   Aleksis    Capili  (THA)  1205  (3)
11    Yohanis    Hiariej  (INA)  1180    
12   Norman    Koh (SIN)   1090    
13  Aris Sopiandi    Muklis  (INA)  1020    
14  Sefli    Ahar (BRU)   1000    
15  Tran    Duy Quang  (VIE)  950  
16    Jun    Kaise  (JPN)  925    
17    Affindi Bin Nudin (MAS)   915    
18    Wilnar    Iglesia   (PHI) 890    
19    Arnold    Lozano  (PHI)  875    
19     Rexel    Aguirre  (PHI)  875    
21     Kris    Van De Velde (BEL)   867    
22     Ari    Masrudi (INA)   820    
22     Duc Quang    Nguyen  (VIE)  820    
24     Joseph    Sibal   (PHI) 797    
25     Jan    Nilsen (NOR)   795

ATM Women:
1       Tahira    Najmunisaa Muhammad Zaid  (MAS)  2600    
2       Kim    Matthews   (AUS)  2585    
3       Ruth    Theresia  (INA)  2575    
4       Shindy    Patricia  (INA)  2250  
5.      Lily Suryani (INA) 2225  
6       Cheryl    Bihag  (PHI)  1820    
7       Adelinah    Lintanga (MAS)    1800    
8       Mila    Marlina   (INA) 1500    
9       Siawhua    Lim (MAS)   1325    
10       Le Phuong    Vy   (VIE) 1145    
11       Ina    Budiyarni  (INA)  1125    
12       Kwan Yee Jocelyn    Cheung  (HKG)  1030    
13       Sandi Menchi    Catlona Abahan    1000    
13       Yelena    Mitrofanova  (RUS) 50K1000    
15       Christine    Loh Woon Chze   (MAS) 995    
16       Jassica    Lintangga  (MAS)  900    
17       Thi Duong    Nguyen (PHI)   925    
18       Manilyn Napone    Mamugay   (PHI) 900  
19       Bo Young    Jan  (KOR)  100    
20       Eni    Rosita (INA)    790    
20       Patricia Ann    Morota  (PHI)     
22       Irah    Hernandez (PHI)   770    
23       Thi Tieu Phuong    Nguyen (VIE)  740    
24       Islami Fitri    Zahra (INA)   730    
25       Moana    O'Sullivan (NZL)    725