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Second edition of a very successful Candidate Race in a part of the Philippines less known to international audience. Negros Oriental features a complex volcano and that is Mount Talinis, towering more than 1900m above sea level. Talinis is not too far from Valencia - race venue - and just 20 km from Dumaguete, capital city of Negros Oriental.

Organised by trail and mountain lovers, the event receives widespread support from the local authorities. Feedback from participants in 2018 was overwhelmingly positive, and we are delighted to see Mt Talinis Mountain Marathon as a new destination in our Asia Trail Master Championship. The 70 km race is the one that matters.

Event website

Check the official event website for details and fine print

International gateway

Cebu is probably the easiest as hub for the event, although there’s also connections via Manila and Davao.

Suggestions for hotel accommodation are coming soon

Course profile

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