Beyond Asia: Peneda-Gerês Trail Adventure in Portugal

The Asia Trail Master series contain plenty of fantastic events, but from time to time you may also wish to go beyond Asia  and spend some time running on another continent. Therefore, we happily provide a few holiday tips and recommended trail runs in our 'Beyond Asia' section of this website. 

Kuai Sports Promotions has officially partnered or has strong links with the events we present in the Beyond Asia section, and in most cases we can even offer discounts on the registration fees. Right now, for example, we are happy to offer discount rates for the spectacular 8-day stage race in Portugal, Europe, the Peneda Gerés Trail Adventure from 28 April to 3 May 2015. The race attracts some of the best trail runners and covers a total distance of 280 km. 

Go to the Beyond Asia section and watch the promotional video of the event. If you want to sign up and score a EUR 50 discount on the registration fee, shoot us an email on