New in the Asia Trail Master series: Cordillera Mountain Marathon

The Philippines' Mount Pulag is a well-known name in the regional trekking world: the breathtaking views above the clouds have become the 2900m high mountain's trademark and on 19 March trail runners have their chance to adore them. The Cordillera Mountain Marathon enters the 2016 Asia Trail Master series and invites runners from all over Asia and the rest of the world to come and support the Cordillera Conservation Trust. 

The Cordillera Region is the source of life for most of Northern Luzon.  Its rivers feed the hectares of farm land that in turn feed a majority of the nation’s population.  Moreover, within the rocky mountains there are live communities whose culture speaks of a time long past and of a proud and noble ancestry. The Conservation Trust that hosts the Marathon aims to provide practical and sustainable solutions to the environmental problems that have arisen over the years and safeguard the local ecosystem.

View from the summit of Mount Pulag

View from the summit of Mount Pulag

The Cordillera Mountain Marathon is not a walk in the park, though, and participants should come prepared to handle some technical trail sections (hanging bridges, river crossings etc.) and high altitude: Mount Pulag towers 2922m above sea level and 60% of the marathon is ran above 2000m. Total elevation gain is 2260m and the cut off time is 12 hours, which should enable the big majority of participants to finish the race. Those who do score 100 Asia Trail Master finisher points plus performance points according to their ranking in the official race result. 

The registration for the event opens on 1 December 2015. Less ambitious runners can also opt for a 18km race. The Cordillera region is a great destination for an adventurous holiday break, and from the main town of Baguio you have several options for sightseeing tours. 

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The Cordillera Conservation Trust seeks to provide relevant practical and sustainable solutions to environmental problems arising in the Cordillera region that undermine the continued ecological services that the mountain region provides for its people

CMM is organised to the benefit of the Trust, and apart from your race participation you can make additional contributions by purchasing some delicious Premium Arabica coffee from the area via the Trust's website.  Read more details on the Trust on our own charity page or on the website itself. 

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