Yan Longfei also best mountain runner in Linhai

The first 58km long Tsaigu Tangsi Plus trail race in Linhai, Taizou, China saw optimal conditions for a tough but very picturesque mountain run. When Yan Longfei, recent winner in record time of the Vibram 100 Hong Kong, turned up at the 6 a.m. starting line, the others knew victory would be hard to get. Indeed, Yan Longfei did not leave anything to chance and was basically ahead as soon as the trail went up. A true mountain goat, he reached the finish almost one-a-half hours ahead of the second runner, Xie Zhangrong. Feng Zipeng completed the podium in third. 

The women's race was won by Cheng Ai, well ahead of Tao Junfang and Li Danyang. 

The event, organised by Lerun Sports received very positive approval ratings by the competitors and is bound to grow. 

A more detailed event report will be published here tomorrow.