Tsaigu Tangsi Plus on Saturday launches ATMs in China

The Asia Trail Master series is heating up over the next weeks as spring time hits most parts of Asia. Within the next month runners will score points in races in China, Indonesia and Kazakhstan, and Bhutan a bit later in May. 

Tsaigu Tangsi Plus in Linhai, Zhejiang, has the honour of kicking off the series in mainland China, a country that will host at least four points-scoring races this season, giving Chinese trail runners plenty of chances to score points for the Asia Trail Master championship. The event in Central China has upped its long distance to 57km this year, and offers a course for mountain goats: at least 3500 elevation gain awaits the participants. Start of the race this Saturday morning is the tourist town of Linhai in Taizhou, approximately 150km south of coastal city Ningbo. After a short warm-up the trail will begin to go up for approx. 10km to an altitude of 900m above sea level. It is a rollercoaster from then onwards, but one that keeps rising gradually until about 1300m, before plunging into a spectacular descent into the finish line.  For sure, first up the mountain is no guarantee to be first down the mountain as well. The event is organised by Lerun Sports and directed by Kein Yu, himself an experienced trail runner. 

The winners of the men's and women's 57km A-race will return home with 457 points in the bags. The event also has a B-race over 28km, which will likewise award finishers with points for the Asia Trail Master ranking. 

We will be reporting live from the scene on Saturday via social media with text and images. An overview of the various channels will be found on the Tsaigu Tangsi Plus live page on this website. Livetracking of the runners is not available on this occasion, however.  In the course of next week, we will also publish a collection of high quality photos taken during the event. 

To all the participants in Tsaigu Tangsi Plus: GOOD LUCK and ENJOY!