Local winner in Mongolia's Sunrise 2 Sunset classic

The 17th edition of Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset in the Hovsgol National Park saw a domestic winner on the 100km course. Tumenbayar Shagdar arrived solo at the finish in a time of 11:54., 46 minutes ahead of Spain's Fernando Gonzalez Rodriguez. Fastest woman was Aurelia Veyre from France, though based in South Korea, in 15:16.

As usual a field of close to 100 runners undertook the long trip to the remote national park in the northwest of Mongolia and spend a short week of holiday there. For many people the experience of a lifetime. This year's winner, Shagdar, had previously scored a few podium places on the marathon (42km) distance of this event. His move up to the ultra distance has now given him his first win in a solid time as well. Second-placed Gonzalez Rodriguez is an experienced trailrunner with UTMB and others on his record already. He lost some time as he missed a marker at some point, but the gap to Shagdar was clear nevertheless. 

Top results:

Men 100km:
1. Tumenbayar Shagdar 11:54
2. Fernando Gonzalez Rodriguez 12:40
3. Andrew Eastwood 14:29
4. Michael Hill 14:36
5. James Ferguson 15:16

Women 100km:
1. Aurelia Veyre  15:16
2. Laurel Pardue 16:33
3. Tracy Masuda 17:09

Men 42 km
1. Tuguldur Tselmegsaikhan  5:11

Women 42km
1. Jennifer Pasiciel 5:57