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Local winner in Mongolia's Sunrise 2 Sunset classic

The 17th edition of Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset in the Hovsgol National Park saw a domestic winner on the 100km course. Tumenbayar Shagdar arrived solo at the finish in a time of 11:54., 46 minutes ahead of Spain's Fernando Gonzalez Rodriguez. Fastest woman was Aurelia Veyre from France, though based in South Korea, in 15:16.

As usual a field of close to 100 runners undertook the long trip to the remote national park in the northwest of Mongolia and spend a short week of holiday there. For many people the experience of a lifetime. This year's winner, Shagdar, had previously scored a few podium places on the marathon (42km) distance of this event. His move up to the ultra distance has now given him his first win in a solid time as well. Second-placed Gonzalez Rodriguez is an experienced trailrunner with UTMB and others on his record already. He lost some time as he missed a marker at some point, but the gap to Shagdar was clear nevertheless. 

Top results:

Men 100km:
1. Tumenbayar Shagdar 11:54
2. Fernando Gonzalez Rodriguez 12:40
3. Andrew Eastwood 14:29
4. Michael Hill 14:36
5. James Ferguson 15:16

Women 100km:
1. Aurelia Veyre  15:16
2. Laurel Pardue 16:33
3. Tracy Masuda 17:09

Men 42 km
1. Tuguldur Tselmegsaikhan  5:11

Women 42km
1. Jennifer Pasiciel 5:57

Run from Sunrise 2 Sunset in Mongolia

Who has not yet heard of the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset race in the remote west of the mythical country and the Hovsgol National Park to be precise. For 17 years this classic 100km trail race has been a dream for many a runner around the world. We are therefore delighted to announce that Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is a new entry in the inaugural Asia Trail Master series. ATMS points can be scored on 5 August, but most of all participation means supporting the National Park and the Mongolian running scene, which remains in an early stage of development. 

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset (MS2S) is a non-profit race and all profits go to and are managed by ecoLeap foundation, registered in Switzerland. MS2S was first held in 1999 and the race fist project was to raise money to buy a garbage truck to help with the waste management in the park. The funds from the race continue to support keeping Hovsgol National Park as beautiful and pristine as we found it in 1999.

The race starts at sunrise (4 a.m.) and ends at sunset (10 p.m.). This timeframe allows most runners to finish the distance, despite a significant altitude gain of over 3000m on the century run.  Apart from the long 100km trail, less ambitious runners can also opt for a 42km marathon distance. Given the remoteness and lack of transportation options, the race is part of a one-week tour package in the Park, where participants will get a true feel of ethnic Mongolian life. All details can be read on the very good event website, where you can also register for the event.