2017 - Welcome to Tahura Trail!

Yesterday we announced The Dirt Track in Thailand as the first points race in the 2017 Asia Trail Master series on 14 January, and one weekend later the action already continues in Indonesia! On 22 January, approximately 2000 runners will join the 5th edition of Tahura Trail in Bandung. Tahura Trail is one of the most popular races in Indonesia, and also one of the most accessible to the general public. Contrary to the giant ultras like Rinjani, MesaStila and Bromo, Tahura Trail features a race of 42km (marathon) with limited elevation gain, a very pictoresque and runnable course that is perfect for the month of January. Good news also for fast local runners to score a high number of Asia Trail Master championship points.

This year the event was an official Candidate Race and won by local star Abdullah Mitiche in the men's in 4:02, indicating that the race may be runnable but certainly not flat all the way. Best woman was Cassidy Jones in 4:54. 

2017 will be the fifth edition of Tahura Trail, organised by Indonesia Bike Adventure, a company that also runs a few MTB races every year in the Bandung area. Bandung is a city approximately one hour from Jakarta by highway or train. 

All event details about next year's edition will be made public in due course, along with the race registration. Tahura Trail lays emphasis on environmental protection in Indonesia, which will be one of the key themes of the event. On race weekend there will also be an expo for sponsors and companies to showcase their products and/or business. 

2017 Asia Trail Master calendar

14/01/17 - Thailand - The Dirt Track

22/01/17 - Indonesia - Tahura Trail